Pre amplifier and Amplifiers

Absolutor Reference Pre amplifier Linear was one of our first products years back when we started and it still remains the one of the best of its kind.  This is not everyone’s piece of cake.  No remote, no knobs, all controls and switches on the back, minimalistic aesthetics.  Nothing but the Sound!  It is product for an aficionado and must be head to be understood and fully appreciated.  No more no less.  Contact us then if you are interested.  If similar minimalist but sonically sophisticated approach appeals to you amplifier-wise then you might look at one of Absolutor’s other two propositions for consideration:

* The OTL Furioso. The little amp with a big and warm heart which will make your heart beat faster and possesses the most open, smooth presentation and sound-staging.

* FORTUNATO –  a pair of exquisite mono amplifiers using rare 4654 pre war pentodes.


Integrated amplifiers

The sophisticated family of Egg-shell amps sports 4 models: single-ended  and parallel single-ended  amplifiers using single or a pair of EL 34 pentodes and twin designs using KT 88 pentodes in the same place.  What makes them all different to the others is using all those pentodes in a triode configuration and taking advantage of the exquisite voicing instead of exploring their curve strictly for the maximum power, as it is a case with 90% of main stream amps using those tubes.  On the top of that comes The Classic 9, simplified version of Egg Shell 9 WST integrated amplifier.


Vacuum tube amplifiers

The brainchild behind the brand, Eryk Smolski loves vacuum tube based amplifiers. Especially EL 84s are up to his taste.  Just like Encore7 ,he prefers to use them in PSE triode configuration and we have to admit that the voicing he achieved is far from your regular EL 84 amp.  We love this little pentode very much and being familiar with lots of amps using it we have fallen deeply in love with Eryk’s creation. The cherry on the top is the finish of Eryk’s amplifiers which are one of the most beautiful in our offer and there, what is rare, their performance which easily comes on pair with their presentation.


Possibly the best performance for $$$ amplifier offering on Earth!

This little amplifier created by Mr. Maciej Lachowski, the owner of, one of the most respected transformer manufacturer in the industry is simply a rebel.  Created to prove that we don’t need Chi-Fi as we can make better for the same or less and with much better final quality.  But also to show off that toroidal transformers are more than capable of supporting high-quality playback. Did he make his point ? Man, even more than that! You might believe you will find better, but our advice would be: Simply don’t waste your time because you won’t.  Just call us for a demo!


Integrated amplifier with on board MM phono stage

This sophisticated AiO amplifier is truly a statement to fanatical commitment to create the most simple amp design possible, hence SE EL 34 has been employed in connection to the design which came as the first inspiration.  Executing no-compromise sonics and aesthetics into single mono casque was a challenge.  This amplifier collected more complements than any other during the 2014 Munich Hi-End audio quickly thereafter started collecting equally enthusiastic reviews from all over the world.  Give it a go and you will quickly find out why.


Mono and Stereo Amplifiers

LampizatOr is not only about DACs.  There are also amplifiers. More than that, excellent big triode based-ones.  Lukasz’s choice are two vacuum tubes:  Russian GM70 and American Classic 211. Those who know few things about the tubes for big boys might need further explanation.  To make long story short – try them and you will find out why.  We are confident about their sound and we installed few fully LampizatOr based systems.  So there is no surprise then that lucky owners are the still happy, years after they first decided to purchase them.


Integrated amplifiers

This range of highest quality push-pull designs from L.A.R left many shocked listeners in it’s wake. Rarely do P-P amps are offer such a sophisticated and unforced presentation.  The secret behind it is the way they are built.  Attempt to pick it up first thing you will notice is the weight.  Now, count the number of transformers inside!  You will also see two mono amplifiers and full line stage integrated into the single box.  Mr. Eugeniusz Czyzewski, the engineer behind the brand used to resolve solutions for the military market. No surprise then that his amps are built like tanks.  But the best bit is that they don’t cost as much as one.


Passive Magnetic Pre-amplifiers

These need no introduction. MFA supplies few different ranges of their passive magnetics, which are coming with many possible finishes and configurations.  From the Classic to the latest V2, they are all a joy to own and use.  G-Point audio is proud to be able to offer the entire range of MFA products, all of them priced exactly the same around the country and available for demo on demand. You want one – give us a call!


Mono Amplifiers, Modular pre-amplifier

My Sound Cubes were the first amp we took to the National Show to run our hORNS Universum speakers.  Sweet memories!  They were lovely from the start and we fully supported further development having the right feeling that they are going to develop into something even more special.  And they are indeed.  Have a look now at these sculptures of wood, metal and glass and imagine your self how do they sound?  The answer is that they sound DIVINE.


Integrated MosFet amplifier and mono blocks

RA’s Canatata 50 was a perfect visual and sonic match from the beginning. The latest 2.0 version comes up to date with the latest Cantata Music Centre. Finally, for completion the mono version of the amps has joined the family. Perfect choice for those who couldn’t survive with 50 Watts as with those amps power has doubled. Like all from RA those are smallest and most jewellery-finished boxes ever. Despite the possible domestic harmony of sliding them into a lower shelf of the cabinet when lack of space is an issue it would be an unforgettable sin to place these beauties anywhere other than on the top shelf.


Mono, Stereo and Integrated amplifiers

When it comes to amps Tektron is simply unbeatable in many ways.  The portfolio of amplification available from Attilio is comprehensive and possibly unmatched.  That covers very exotic SE amps dealing with different sort of DHT, including even such a rarity as 101D, giving only 0.85 Watt output power to push-pull designs sporting any tubes you wish.  Yes, he can build and custom finish them all.  There is probably no tube on which Tektron can’t base an amp. Therefore we picked up the most frequently built to put in our portfolio, but use is a guidance only and if there is anything else you fancy, simply don’t hesitate to ask. We will check it with Attilio and pass to you  his best advice.


Mono and Integrated amplifiers

Reinhardt Thoress’ philosophy about amplifiers focuses on the same principles as his phono stages do: build the best he can and keep this and only this in the portfolio.  So, he did and that’s why this is one of the most stable portfolios in the audio world, just as it was with Kondo-San.  Absolute quality over quantity.  These amplifiers might use output tubes that many have heard before but let me say:  listen to them once in a Thöress amplifier and you feel again like a valve virgin.