Pre amplifier and Amplifiers

Absolutor Reference Pre amplifier Linear was one of our first products years back when we started and it still remains the one of the best of its kind.  This is not everyone’s piece of cake.  No remote, no knobs, all controls and switches on the back, minimalistic aesthetics.  Nothing but the Sound!  It is product for an aficionado and must be head to be understood and fully appreciated.  No more no less.  Contact us then if you are interested.  If similar minimalist but sonically sophisticated approach appeals to you amplifier-wise then you might look at one of Absolutor’s other two propositions for consideration:

* The OTL Furioso. The little amp with a big and warm heart which will make your heart beat faster and possesses the most open, smooth presentation and sound-staging.

* FORTUNATO –  a pair of exquisite mono amplifiers using rare 4654 pre war pentodes.

Integrated amplifiers

The sophisticated family of Egg-shell amps sports 4 models: single-ended  and parallel single-ended  amplifiers using single or a pair of EL 34 pentodes and twin designs using KT 88 pentodes in the same place.  What makes them all different to the others is using all those pentodes in a triode configuration and taking advantage of the exquisite voicing instead of exploring their curve strictly for the maximum power, as it is a case with 90% of main stream amps using those tubes.  On the top of that comes The Classic 9, simplified version of Egg Shell 9 WST integrated amplifier.

Vacuum tube amplifiers

The brainchild behind the brand, Eryk Smolski loves vacuum tube based amplifiers. Especially EL 84s are up to his taste.  Just like Encore7 ,he prefers to use them in PSE triode configuration and we have to admit that the voicing he achieved is far from your regular EL 84 amp.  We love this little pentode very much and being familiar with lots of amps using it we have fallen deeply in love with Eryk’s creation. The cherry on the top is the finish of Eryk’s amplifiers which are one of the most beautiful in our offer and there, what is rare, their performance which easily comes on pair with their presentation.

Magnetosolid amplification, sources & spicers 

Grandinote is the brainchild of the extraordinary engineer, Massimiliano Magri, being very complex and unusual, like Max (as his friends call him) himself.  It requires a meeting in person with the man to fully understand what this means, and such a meeting is not too difficult as he regularly flies with his “Playback Circus” from one HiFi show to another.  Take your chance then to understand better what we mean by that, but first sit back, relax and listen to the music.

Tube amplifiers

KR Audio Electronics is one of the world’s leading producers of high performance power tubes and high-end amplifiers. All products are hand-crafted including their hand-blown glass vacuum tubes. KR’s uniquely high quality is a result of their artisan work in metal and glass blowing, chemical and electrical designs, high vacuum machines and their refusal to use automation to make their tubes.

Based in Prague, KR Audio started out as a tube manufacturer, first with the historic Marconi valve company, then becoming a manufacturer of OEM tubes for high-end audio amplifiers in 1994. At present they design and build 15 different tube amplifier models for all tastes, including two completely solid state designs. KR continues to manufacture tubes and is the inventor of the huge KR T-1610, used on the magnificent ‘Kronzilla’ DM monoblock amplifiers, which until recently was the largest and most powerful audio tube ever made.

Passive Magnetic Pre-amplifiers

These need no introduction. MFA supplies few different ranges of their passive magnetics, which are coming with many possible finishes and configurations.  From the Classic to the latest V2, they are all a joy to own and use.  G-Point audio is proud to be able to offer the entire range of MFA products, all of them priced exactly the same around the country and available for demo on demand. You want one – give us a call!

Mono Amplifiers, Modular pre-amplifier

My Sound Cubes were the first amp we took to the National Show to run our hORNS Universum speakers.  Sweet memories!  They were lovely from the start and we fully supported further development having the right feeling that they are going to develop into something even more special.  And they are indeed.  Have a look now at these sculptures of wood, metal and glass and imagine your self how do they sound?  The answer is that they sound DIVINE.

Integrated MosFet amplifier and mono blocks

RA’s Canatata 50 was a perfect visual and sonic match from the beginning. The latest 2.0 version comes up to date with the latest Cantata Music Centre. Finally, for completion the mono version of the amps has joined the family. Perfect choice for those who couldn’t survive with 50 Watts as with those amps power has doubled. Like all from RA those are smallest and most jewellery-finished boxes ever. Despite the possible domestic harmony of sliding them into a lower shelf of the cabinet when lack of space is an issue it would be an unforgettable sin to place these beauties anywhere other than on the top shelf.

Hybrid amplifiers and preamplifiers

Due to today’s marketing information “overload”, we see a lot of “glitter” without much substance, but we can now offer real candy inside the wrapper!  The products from Italian company, Riviera Audio Laboratories (R.A.L.) are true examples of style and substance.  R.A.L. has brought tangible technological innovation to their circuit design, rather than rehashing existing designs and passing them off as something new.  This is a delicious rarity, which additionally comes packed like an exquisite box of the finest chocolates.

Full Silver amplification

Silver will always divide opinion – there are as many people who love it madly whilst there is a seemingly equal number hate it.  But when silver is properly implemented within Hi-Fi equipment, the results can be a thing of absolute beauty.  For manufacturers, silver is not an easy material to work with, and only a very few true artisans have mastered the necessary skills to do so.  Christof Kraus of SILVERCORE is one such artisan.  All of his inductors are made with ultra-high purity silver and every one of them is wound by the man himself.  This is where his vacuum tube amplifiers begin their lives.

Mono and Integrated amplifiers

Reinhardt Thoress’ philosophy about amplifiers focuses on the same principles as his phono stages do: build the best he can and keep this and only this in the portfolio.  So, he did and that’s why this is one of the most stable portfolios in the audio world, just as it was with Kondo-San.  Absolute quality over quantity.  These amplifiers might use output tubes that many have heard before but let me say:  listen to them once in a Thöress amplifier and you feel again like a valve virgin.