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We are truly proud of being chosen by Audio-Technica to become one of their Excellence dealers. This is an honour which has only previously been given to 15 retailers worldwide, and G point audio is one of only 3 Excellence retailers in the UK authorised by Audio-Technica to both demonstrate and sell the most advanced cartridge in the world today – The ART-1000!

Sikora turntable - G Point Audio


The company has its beginnings in 2007 and its founder is Janusz Sikora, formerly one of the pillars of Burdjak & Sikora company producing supreme vaccum-tube amplifiers. Our turntables are produced individually, they are addressed to advanced music lovers and audiophiles who, like us, seek for the uncompromised and best possible sound source.

Tangential turntables, tone-arms and phono stage

Pre Audio are Polish designers and manufacturers of turntables with trolley and air bearing linear tracking tangential tone-arms.
Pre-Audio are a young company with fresh ideas and have been in business since 2009. The company is owned by Mr. Daniel Prendecki who is a young audio designer in his early thirties. He feels that tangential tone-arms have a theoretical ideal geometry of close to zero degree error in any groove, provide more accurate reading of the record, resulting in excellent stereo imaging, musicality and palpability of detail.
Prices of Pre-Audio products are extremely competitive. The quality of parts used and workmanship are hard to beat for the money. Design as well as finishing is eye catching.
The entire range includes six different TT models and the vacuum tube loaded phono stage which is company’s own unique design. Additionally, tone-arms from the basic models are available as OEM parts for those who wish to build something unique themselves. Both TT and tone-arms can be custom built and wide range of finishes is available.

PS5 phono stage

An excellent phono pre-amplifier coming from the ever-innovative Encore 7 team, responsible for the revolutionary Windwood enclosure as-used in their stunning Eggshell amplifiers. Matching aesthetically and respecting the quality of their amplifiers. As with the Egg-shell amps performance quality of the phono stage makes it competitive even against products two or three times it’s price. Simply a best buy.

Phono preamp and Phono Equalizer

All equipment, hand built by Herr T. in his Aachen based manufacturing base has something in common. They are built to last and given his German origins, the quality of engineering and components means that these products will certainly outlast the buyer! More than that they are simply a tribute to the golden age of the German Klangfilm industry, which was one of the most impressive and creative ever. Talking phono stages, here we have a man who is possibly the most deeply devoted to vinyl playback than any individual I have met. His deep knowledge and understanding is as deep as a well. That’s why his top class line stage is simply an add-on to his three input phono stage. The RIAA curve is perfect.

Phono stages and step-ups

Jonathan Billington needs no further introduction in the UK. When it comes to transformers he is simply number one. His step ups are already famous, just as is his passive TVC preamp. Some people believe the best ever built. The range of active phono stages is the latest addition to the MFA portfolio. Everything is possible here, so don’t get fooled seeing just a few products listed, as this is just the beginning. Many bespoke options are available, just enquire.