DACs, Reclockers

If you are a serious listener with a music collection stored on files or owner of the extended, worth listening to CD library then you must come around Ideon Audio. Their DACs are the best proof that digital doesn’t have to sound sharp, or artificial. Furthermore, their extended research into the re- clocking is something what put’s them out of the usual crowd. There are many ways to skin the rabbit and we are always on the hunt for the great dish. That’s why we brought the IDEON to you.


Lampizator needs no foreword. Lukasz Fikus has already his star guaranteed on the digital wall of fame. No one has taken digital playback further than he, not to mention the way that DSD playback is seen and appreciated today. Far from mainstream hype he found his own way to the industry and so far he is doing exceptionally well. Internet is full of blossom about his DACs – just go and harvest, but don’t forget to stop by and check his TranspOrt and Komputer too. Playback front end is exactly where his master crafts shine most brilliantly. But he is not shy on other departments such as amplifiers or speakers either, so be sure you check it all out or risk missing something very special indeed.



COS Engineering is the latest addition to our digital portfolio.  It was founded by three close friends who are very serious about audio entertainment.  With an aversion to cacophony, an aspiration for style and a penchant for simplicity, they harnessed their extensive knowledge and experience in mathematics, electronics and communication and applied it to research and design.  Their objective  is to offer products featuring musicality as well as aesthetics.  D1 DAC, COS Engineering’s first product, made its début in 2014.  This is our choice of DAC for those customers who are asking us about solid state design.

Cantata Music Centre

Jeff Kalt’s CMC playback system is an All in One solution. It was one of the first of this kind which hit the market almost a decade ago and today in its latest incarnation still remains one of the most beautiful, functional and elegant solutions.  Those who are looking for sophisticated, cost effective but offering very high quality playback device don’t need to look any further.  As unit holding lots of digital inputs it can always act as a high quality DAC hosting all of your home entertainment needs.