A beautifully crafted selection of horns and waveguides for the DIY audiophile are all here. Here we’ve got all that beauties one might dream to get to build himself a horn based set of speakers in one place. No longer do you need hunting around the world to find one bit here and another one there, somewhere in America or Japan. Now you can have them all in UK and delivered straight to your door and you can start to work on your project immaterially.

 Standard colour is White: Ral 9016 nice and vivid at the price asked, you can also order yourself every RAL pallet based colour you wish to match your taste, room design, WAF conditions or whatever the reason of your choice might be like.

There is no other supplier around the world giving such a massive choice of designs and finishes as hORNS.pl, so look no further – build it !

Ordering information :

Please bare in mind that we are not stocking horns, except some more popular ones occasionally. Due to the nature of the products and high customization factor involved  all our horns are build to the order. Waiting time including delivery usually is no longer than  3 weeks. For exact information regarding particular model ,please contact us.

Please find our prices attached into PDF document. Keep in mind that all prices given are with UK VAT inclusive and calculated on one pair on time shipping basis. Shipping fees apply on top. To keep the price down as much as possible for our DIY community we always try to ship a batch of orders on one go to knock the courier fees involved and transfer the best price directly to our customers. For this reason ,please stay in touch and always ask for group buy available on the time you would like put your order.

We are offering following horn types to our customers : Bi-RADIAL, IWATA , E-JMLC, JMLC, SEOS, TRACTRIX, HA 25, K-HORN, MINIPHASE, E-OS, OS, J-HORN, SPHERICAL !

hORNS Waveguide brochure`

hORNS thread on Diy Audio [ Lots of very useful information there ]