Designed in Poland by valve-guru Andrzej Markow and built by Wojciech Korpacz whose obsession with this preamp resulted in 3 years of work on its design and the eventual formation of his own company to promote the Absolutor in its current form.

Put in the very simplest terms, Andrzej Marków shares a similar status in Poland to Shindo-san in Japan. In the underground world of valve enthusiasts he is nothing short of a legend and is widely known for his passion for valves and the way they reproduce music when utilized correctly. He is quite simply a man obsessed with bringing the very best out of any particular circuit and fanatical in his passion for quality.

Andrzej’s attention to detail knows no bounds and rarely does he bring news of new breakthroughs to his fans, but when he does you can rest assured that it is always something very special indeed.

First of all The Absolutor is a two box unit wherein the power supply is connected to the main body of the preamplifier by and umbilical chord to minimize any unwanted interaction with the main circuit. The transformer is hand wound by Andrzej Marków himself and like every other detail of The Absolutor has been carefully matched and selected with nothing but sonic perfection in mind.

Rectification of the power supply has been given special attention and the Phillips 5 Y3 diode has been used. Further, two cascade rectifiers are fed from completely independent secondary windings and are perfectly balanced to very high tolerances. This painstaking attention to detail has resulted in absolute silence and never before heard transparency. From the power supply to the output stage of The Absolutor every component has been meticulously chosen and matched to give perfect balancing of the channels.

The Absolutor

The Absoluter is not just sonically transparent, it simply disappears leaving nothing between you and the music but pure, raw emotion.

UK Version

In the UK versions of The Absolutor the 6H8 valves have been replaced with Tungsol 12SN7GTB valves from 1952 which overall we felt that gave a more holographic presentation with superb macro and micro dynamics. Instead of the leaner sound that the Russian valves gave the Tungsols offer a more velvety and rich presentation. The difference is not huge and listeners agree that if anything the effects are positive.

UK versions of The Absolutor will be supplied as standard with the superb TKD potentiometers and improved legs which the assemblers of The Absolutor have chosen for their improved resonance damping abilities. Uk versions will of course be fully compliant with UK regulations and voltages and will come fitted with the relevant transformers.

Absolutor Preamplifier

Basic specification

  • Valves used: 2 x 6SH7; 2 x 12SN7GTB; 1 x 5Y3WGTA
  • Input Impedance: 150k
  • Frequency range: 5Hz – 135kHz
  • THD (at 1V): 0,1% (20Hz – 40kHz)
  • S/N ratio : >102dB
  • Dimensions: 24,5 cm x 36 cm x 15cm (WxDxH)
  • Weight (including PS) : 9,6kg

Absolutor Phono

Absolutor Fortunato

Absolutor OTL Furioso

The Absolutor FURIOSO stereo amplifier is an OTL design. This means it doesn’t have output transformers and the output power is transmitted to the speaker directly from the output tubes.

The thing is that quality output transformers are far from cheap, thus sourcing those for this type of amplifier significantly increases its price.  On the other hand a well-designed OTL amp is capable of delivering a sound that far exceeds it’s price tag.

Furioso is a spectacular example of it’s kind.  The name comes from the fact that it’s dynamics, speed and vividness go far beyond its price and one would need to spend seriously more money to buy himself this sort of quality in another design.  All one needs to do is match it with efficient speakers happy to live with 4 Watts of power (think horns!).  But we have those, so you are already in the right place.  Just speak to us if you are unsure.

Furioso can be built in two ways:  As a power amplifier for those who already have a pre-amplifier (as per picture) or with volume pot and input selector added to serve full integrated duties.

Basic specification

  • Valves used: 2x 6N30P(input); 6 x 6P45S(output)
  • Input impedance: 100k ohm
  • Frequency range: 5Hz – 120kHz
  • THD (at 1V): 0,3% (20Hz – 40kHz)
  • S/N ratio : >108dB
  • Output power : 2 x 4 Watts at 8 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 425mm x 335mm x 230mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: : 16kg