Albedo, simply put, is one of those manufacturers that one can recommend at the drop of a hat. They have been manufacturing their own cables and receiving tremendous reviews for over sixteen years. In short they offer superb value, fabulous pride of ownership and brilliant value for money.

This is the only company I know of that takes personal control of all stages of the manufacturing process from smelting of his own silver to placing the cables in their boxes for delivery. The attention to detail, the quality of research and development and the level of control is simply phenomenal and this is reflected in the quality of their products. It is a sad fact that many manufacturers are repackaging and re-branding products and wrapping then in marketing glitz and for this reason alone Albedo products stand out from the norm like a glittering diamond.

Albedos Monotlith cable has been THE reference cable for over 10 years and, despite the small scale and artisan manufacturing processes involved, over 10 000 metres has been bought by delighted audiophiles throughout the world.

Blue Family


Albedos Blue cable takes off where the Beginning left and could be said to be where the true high fidelity starts in this extraordinary range of hi-fi interconnects. The Blue offers a coherent listening experience and matchless transparency with an impressive balance between real dynamics and instrument timbre.

The hot run in the Blue interconnect is constructed from bundled rectangular solid core wires running in parallel and they are finished in high quality gold plated RCA plugs using silver solder.

Loudspeaker Cables

A great all round loudspeaker cable and an excellent choice for most hi-fi systems. It is fast, transparent and gives an impressive soundstage with tight and well controlled bass. Blue is made from a collection of circular silver solid-core wires isolated with a Silicon based PVC sleeve material.

The cable is finished with a choice of Albedo’s own hand made silver spades of BFA beryllium- copper, gold-plated banana plugs.

We are almost embarrassed by the quality of this cable and can only apologies to other manufacturers for having produced such an impressive cable at such a great price.

Flat-One / Air I Family

Interconnect – Flat-One

This is a fully symmetrically design with no screening. Using 5N Silver ribbons working in air-gap isolation, Albedo have managed to ensure that capacitance of the Flat One is negligible and this has an elegant effect on the overall sound of the cable.

Flat One offers a beautifully analogue listening experience without even a hint of high frequency sharpness. The bass is quick and well controlled, middle frequencies are magnificently full bodied like a good red wine and the upper registers are superbly well balanced and crisp.

Specially produced low resistance RCA plugs with a thick silver coating are used to terminate the Flat One and a silicone outer sleeve in deep Bordeaux is used.  For those using balanced connections the Flat One is available with the very highest quality XLR connectors.

Loudspeaker Cables – Air I

Using solid high hallmark cables Air 1 speaker cable from Albedo gives a controlled sound with a rich tonal range. Warm analogue sounding mid-range is accompanied with silky detailed highs.

This is a loudspeaker cable that matches wonderfully with Albedo Flat One interconnect with which it shares many design principles.  Silver ribbons are used in air isolation covered with a black outer sleeve.

The cables are finished with Albedo’s own superb silver spades or with gold-plated BFA beryllium-copper banana plugs. Like all Albedo cables only premium silver solder is used.

GEO Family


Albedo’s Geo is truly a cable for connoisseurs. It is natural sounding, spacious and brimming with wonderful detail across all registers. The Geo is without equal in its class and when matched carefully with appropriate electronics the cable is beautifully rounded in all aspects of reproducing music.

The Geo is built using rectangular silver conductors, finished with low resistance thick silver-coated RCA plugs and finished using a graphite outer sleeve.  High quality XLR connectors are available for those using balanced connectors.

Loudspeaker Cables

This is a loudspeaker cable that shares many of its tonal attributes with Albedos Air I albeit slightly warmer. It conveys the whole sound spectrum with an anchor of rich bass, velevety highs and a full-bodied and smooth midrange. If you are using solid state amplifiers Air II is the cable of choice to bring balance to sometimes bright sounding electronics, but the cable is equally at home with powerful push pull valve amplification.

Air II is built similarly to Air I with silver ribbons but uses anti-static isolation and a parallel symmetry for the conductors. This is certainly the bigger brother of the two Air loudspeaker cables from Albedo and is finished again with Albedo’s own silver spades of gold-plated BFA beryllium copper banana plugs.

Monolith Family

Since 2015 Albedo pushed their boundaries even further and developed their new and advanced technology for production Silver Monocrystal wire, which elevated their sonic quality beyond the imagination or usual listener experience. In our humble opinion they are right now on the very top of the game when it comes to manufacturing the highest possible hi end cables range. Must be heard to be believed, understood and appreciated.  Since that point on entire lines of cables from Monolith to the TOP Metamorphosis are made exclusively from The MONOCRYSTAL SILVER of highest purity.


The Monolith interconnect is where Albedo have really given their best and for ten years it was the reference cable for the company. Ten years is a long time in Hifi and despite our looking for improvements over what they had nothing could justify altering this magnificent hifi interconnect cable until now. The new Monolith has been redesigned to giver the very best of the previous incarnations of the cable but incorporating our latest technological and listening findings.

Main design values remain consistent – silver ribbons are as wide and as thin as possible resulting in a cable that offers a luscious and red blooded character with unmatched musicality. The Monolith always produced great bass, but now lower registers are governed with an iron fist giving an enviable overall character and stunning resolution.

Monolith is a versatile cable matching effortlessly with your electronics. RCA plugs are thick coated silver low resistance units connected using the very highest quality silver solder.  If balanced XLR plugs are required then these are again the highest quality but Rhodium coated.

Soon! New Monolith Reference interconnect will join the family too. The Design of the Classic Monolith had been already changed and its both runs are not shared any more in flat configuration as it used to be, but now are wrapped around the core containing dielectric. Of course they still made of ribbons, which is Monolith’s benchmark.

Loudspeaker Cables

Monolith is the cable Albedo recommends for use in reference systems as it gives an incredibly smooth listening experience with real speed and slam. The soundstage is holographic with real width and depth and is unparalleled by loudspeaker cables at any price and micro and macro dynamics are superlative.

The cable has a neutral character and harmonic richness across the whole acoustic range and presents music in a cohesive and homogenous fashion.

Monolith is constructed from wide, very thin silver ribbons similar to the Monolith interconnect but the ribbons are separate runs in antistatic air insulation enveloped in a silver coloured outer coating.  The Monolith speaker cables are finished with Albedo’s high quality silver spades or BFA beryllium-copper gold-plated banana plugs.

From 2016 NEW! Monolith Reference is also available. It shares already existing Monolith principles but its double width makes a huge progress in Monolith’s Classic audible qualities. They share the same insane stereo-phony and sense of presence, but extension of high registers as wel as their quality in Monolith Reference stands out and sets up New Standard.

Solid Family

Solid is the „high level” cable designed for the best systems. It’s very musical, coherent, detailed with a very extensive music scene and the sensational sound space and highly selected depth. Addressed to mature, demanding audiophile. Designed as a bunch of circular cross-section wires protected by silicone insulation with black outer cover. It’s assembled with our silver spade or gold-plated beryllium copper BFA type banana plugs.

Musicality is his greatest asset, especially recommended for tube systems.

Metamorphosis Family


Comming soon…

Loudspeaker Cables

One could write page upon page about this miraculous cable but one listen and you will understand that it simply works. Albedo have collected all their knowledge gained from years of working with hifi cables and listening and comparing them in the lab and in the home to create the perfect loudspeaker cable.

The cable is a blend of silver ribbons and solid core wires of different thicknesses and using different dielectrics all carefully isolated and encapsulated in a specially chosen silicone insulator.  Available with Albedo’ own silver spades, Rhodium coated spades or Rhodium coated Furutech banana plugs.

Digital Cables

Digital cable S/PDIF with excellent sound space keeping natural proportions of the soundstage. Micro and macro dynamics at high level. Because of the neutral character it’s recommended for the most available digital/analog converters.

Cable construction is made as twisted silver circular cross-section wires in antistatic insulation, terminated with gold plugs.


Speaker terminal

Low resistance speaker terminal made from silver containing 6% of electrolytic copper to harden alloy. Improved micro and macro dynamics, transparency and smoothness of sound, noticeable changes after the application of our terminals. Suitable for banana plugs.

Silver spades

Plugs made from silver containing 6% electrolytic copper to harden alloy. Metal was recrystallized. Spade plugs for soldering.

Cables stands Butterfly

Designed to eliminate vibration and prevent the electrostatic electric charge. Recommended for speaker and power cables. The advantages of this are calming music scene and better focus of instruments.