Alpin-Line  has been operating since 1997. The company deals with the work of high altitude climbing methods. For more than two years we have been working on the construction of audio tables and bases for monitors of unrivaled form – timeless, elegant, meeting the highest requirements. The fruits of our work are present products.

The mountains are the peace, majesty, monumentality, the vastness of space without borders, the absolute beauty – that’s how I receive music. I made tables for her, heavy, solid, imperturbable, like mountains. I feel respect for the mountains, just like respect for music as a form of art – both spheres have spiritual unity.

The quality of services is also important, just as the quality of music listened by our Clients is important. Marian Piotrowicz


Quality is our guiding motto and accompanies us from the beginning of the founding of the company as a kind of ideology. Our message is to build and construct carefully made tools for audiophiles and people with an audio passion that was born in us many years ago. We approach our Clients as if we wanted to be treated ourselves.

The separation of our products from the competition is due to the uncompromising approach to the subject and the unlimited imagination of the constructors who allow us to dress ideologies and ideas in careful construction solutions with high functional qualities and sophisticated design. This makes our products have no counterparts in the market. We focus on our own industrial design and base on our own, many years’ know-how.

ALPIN LINE eagerly leaves room for the Customers imagination, what to choose the varnish, the type of stone in combination with the interior and specific audio devices. A suitable plate is used for each line in terms of material and color. Polished varnish, stainless steel, marble, granite and exotic wood are materials that guarantee the uniqueness of each product and absolute resistance to the test of time making the products timeless.

The design

The design of the tables enables precise leveling through the use of anti-vibration massive spikes regulated by fine thread. Racks and massive spikes are made using professional modern CNC machines.

We use pressure cut, precision machined granite plates, polished to high gloss finish. Anti-vibration spikes are machined from massive blocks of stainless steel and enable full and accurate adjustment using a low-pitch thread.

Our next step is to create spikes with adjustable hardness, filled with hydraulic oil, for maximum absorption of vibrations and vibrations from the equipment and the listening room. Solutions are similar to those used in the aerospace and military industries. This technology is also used at separated tables for the highest quality HI-END turntables from the rest of the equipment.

The weight

The weight of individual Hi-End devices can reach up to 200 kg, thus the construction of stands and tables must be ready to receive several hundred kilos in devices with high parameters, extremely sensitive to unfavorable working conditions.

Sophisticated and sensitive analog turntables, or SACD / CD transports, must receive adequate support so that the money spent by the Client and the effort of the constructors find a common denominator in the final sound quality.

The mass, high stiffness and the possibility of using a variety of interchangeable solutions and materials give us a recipe for an excellent final effect.


In order to meet our Customer needs, it is possible to modify each model of the table to any size, diameter, leg height and support and the configuration of the table with the type of spikes and damping material. We also execute designs by making tables based on Customer’s project documentation. We also provide professional support and professional technical advice.

Optionally, we fill the legs and supports with quartz sand on Customer request.