We are truly proud of being chosen by Audio-Technica to become one of their Excellence dealers. This is an honour which has only previously been given to 15 retailers worldwide, and G point audio is one of only 3 Excellence retailers in the UK authorised by Audio-Technica to both demonstrate and sell the most advanced cartridge in the world today – The ART-1000!

Audio Technica ART1000

Permanent demo capability of the ART-1000 is available at our venue. We are using the best tonearm and deck combinations available that enable us to achieve the most satisfying results. We can also demonstrate the best phono stages we’ve been able to obtain to match the ART-1000’s capabilities. The turntables and phono stages are all specially designed and constructed by our artisan suppliers to make a perfect match with this superior performer. Whether your preference is for tubes or solid state, you will find both here. If you are looking for the very best in vinyl playback book an appointment today and experience the sheer musicality of sonic reproduction that is amongst the finest we have ever experienced during the entire vinyl era.


Audio Technica - GPoint Audio

To be perfectly honest the entire Audio-Technica range of ART cartridges stole our heart ever since we heard them for the very first time, after which we spent a good deal of time researching their qualities on multiple turntable and tonearm combinations.  Since they always came out of any comparison and trial as true winners, we decided to keep the ART range (AT-ART 9 MC and AT-ART 7 MC) in stock at all times, and we recommend the Audio-Technica ART cartridges as the best buy choice to all our customers, both in terms of performance and value for money.

Naturally, we can offer the entire range of Audio-Technica phono cartridges, both MC and MM, replacement styli as well as all accessories.

Please refer to the uploaded brochure for more detailed information.