With hORNS we are entering The Little House of Wonders. House which might be yours   as well if you dare to open the door and give them a try. They do what horns suppose to   do the best – playing music back with incredibly realistic, vivid and holographic image.   With true sense of “being there” shall we say. But saying doesn’t proof anything, the   hearing is believing. That’s why we wish to ask you to come around and listen to them as   no all horns are the same, just like no other speakers are. Give them a go and you   immediately will understand what we DO mean saying so.


Our Mummies are professionally designed highly m6efficient  (96dB/1W/m, Z = 4 Ohm) 2 way speakers, built on the basis of carefully selected transducers. A twelve inch woofer with a powerful magnet system and a very low moving mass provides amazing transient reproduction and a powerful bass. Due to low crossover point and compression tweeter matched with unique waveguide specially developed for this model ,astonishing results have been obtained. Our ellipse shaped, unusual looking speakers sound very consistent and have excellent directional characteristics. It allows them to sound pin point correct and coherent in almost every room. To complete such  an amazing achievement we had to design an extremely rigid chassis with fiberglass composite outer shell and multi-layer damping stages to reduce coloration  to a minimum. All these procedures allowed our speakers to use their dynamic potential without any restrictions.  Due to their high impedance and the efficiency Mummies can work with any kind of amplifiers, ranging from a few watt valve-based flea power Single Ended boutique amps to end with the powerful transistor monsters. Units sound incredibly neutral and dynamic.. Once heard and seen can not be easy forgotten. And there is no return to boring and dull, standard hi-fi sound.

Universum 3 mk II

An advanced 3-way horn loaded speaker adopting JMLC228 medium horn and JMLC-1500 high frequency horn. Premium drivers used are coming from Radian and are optimized to work in the best way in this design. Mid-range driver uses Beryllium diaphragm and tweeter one use a polyester diaphragm. Bass enclosure is of aperiodic vent type with actively driven 15” woofer. This construction is adjusted to give a smooth, relaxed sound with lowest distortion possible even at the driver resonant frequency – thanks to JMLC horn contour. This design shows its best when is used with bi- or tri amping set up. Please have a look at the excellent Steroplay magazine review bellow.

FP Range


Similarly to FP – 15 appeared as a result of the further research on Seos waveguide and on demand of those who found F -10 perfect and asked for supplying same great desk monitors, bookshelves or top quality matching surround units for their home theater applications. So here we are and we are proud to have the smallest existing front horn loaded monitors in our offer to support our little SETs.

SEOS FP – 10

Designed to meet the demands of USA DIY market, but  it’s now available as a kit or the complete speaker set. Made out of solid surface this offers the best price / performance ratio. The SEOS waveguide used is oblate spheroidal contour (property of Dr Earl Geddes) but with linearly changing super elliptical cross section. Both drivers used are made by  B&C. This type of speaker offers life like sound reproduction and should be toed in up to 45 degrees for stable imaging.

SEOS FP – 15

Natural expanding of hORNS’s  FP family which started with launching FP-10 model. It makes all bigger and richer with SEOS 15 horn adopted into the front panel as well as a use of 15 ” woofer. It’s  perfect match for all those flea power amplifiers around with its high efficiency and an outstanding dynamics and tonal balance. Top of the range FP – 15 is also available with Beryllium compression driver as an option.

Standard Colours

white: Ral 9016 | black: Ral 9017 | blue: Ral 5005 | green: Ral 6005 | creme: Ral 1015 | red: Ral 3000 | purple: Ral 4007 | grey: Ral 7036