Eryk S Concept is an interesting manufacturer. He is deeply involved not only in an audio related & strictly engineering subjects ,but also into the ART World. Hence he is trying to merge both these not so far away laying fields.  The Art needs no intro. All of us have something in common with art and we all are consuming art somehow. Some of us strictly on spiritual, intellectual or sensual levels, depends on the kind of personality. Others more direct by collecting it. Same way it applies to the Sound, as we using our ears in the same way as we do with eyes to get as complete message from the outer world as possible. And again our playback toys , whatever they are, had been made for that purpose. To bring back to as at home as much as possible of that what had been put on the recording during artistic performance.  Mr. Eryk S believes in synergy. That’s why an industrial design in the front of his eyes had not been on pair with a beautiful sound created between the speakers. Actually same applies to most of us, especially to creatures called Wifes ; ] But that is a question. Why not to make these things beautiful if that is possible? Why not to make them for pleasing our eyes same as they do to our ears? Some manufacturers, with Eryk included, did so. And as these products not only posses wonderful sex- appeal but are also capable to give an excellent performance . Hence we proudly included them into our portfolio.

Our core offer from Eryk S Concept contains four products. Two amplifiers and two models of speakers to start with. There are some others as well in a company offer, but at that point we prefer those few as they match together wonderfully ; ]

banerek Red-King-Premium-Two-976x313

Red King

Integrated amplifier is based on EL 84 pentode. This is Eryk’s  favorite pentode and so is ours, so we understand the quality and where it comes from

Please have a look bellow at some main features offered with this amplifier:

  • full remote control;
  • three audio inputs incl. Bluetooth wireless connection with your mobile thing;
  • three big power supply stages for best sound quality & amp reliability;
  • and foremost this amp uses most hi-end mode in music reproduction: parallel single tube; arrangement to project spatial sound with full impact around your head, on all types of music.

” It took us almost two years to fine tune this Concept, which now is served in red glossy finish – cause as you might already know the RED KING rules! Eryk S.

Some Technical  Details:

  • music power: 2 x 12 Watts
  • dimensions: 27cm x 39cm x 17cm
  • weight: 14kg
  • paper in oil capacitors and dale 1% resistors in signal paths
  • 4 x EL84 in PSE mode
  • two separate power supplies for L & R power stage
  • 3rd power supply for pre-amp and relay line selector
  • 3 inputs including optional Bluetooth
  • 4 & 8 ohm speaker outlets
  • eight sections output transformers with massive EI cores

Premium finish Enhancements over RK standard model:

  • Any premium finishes available( ex. white + piano ebony and Chinese Urushi +black).
  • Further optimised dual mono PS compatible with all world’s AC voltage standards.
  • Newest BT 4.0 module for lossless streaming possibilities.
    Power transformers are double shielded to minimize hum.
  • Thicker plinth with multiple coating in high gloss on both sides.
  • Premium parts, WIMA, NICHICON, DALE and so on…
  • Minimized harmonic distortions. New output transformers.
    Full remote control



Superior is not your usual EL84 power amp paired with ECC83 in its preamp section. Those are not strong enough to do the job right, hence Eryk did it Superior way. To support two crucial things: stage imaging and bass authority he developed one of its kind “Totally Open Throttle Concept”, which boosts astonishing sound force hidden for many decades in famous EL84 tube! He believes, that such a power and strong sense of presence  had never being heard from 6 Watts per channel before. Certainly not from Pentode. Neither do we, but fhe proof of the pudding is always in eating , so come and bite it. It taste SUPERIOR.

This amplifier surpasses great majority of other SE, class A designs in terms of power punch and beam-focused sound. The SUPERIOR will bring hard kick even to massive floor-standing speakers and after testing it we can confirm that for sure. In the SUPERIOR tube amp all five tubes work in top notch class A mode and are of specially selected military grade (5000 hours durability, instead standard tube supposed to last for 1000 hours)!

Full custom available! You can choose from any colour finish you wish or even go for premium version made in ebony and white piano!


  • music power: 2 x 6Watts (>5% distortions)
  • bandwidth: 20Hz – 28kHz (-3dB)
  • power consumption: 65Watts
  • dimensions: 11,5cm x 28cm x 30cm (W x H x D incl. speakers’ sockets)
  • weight: approx.: 7kg Net


banerek do superioro speakers_wykadruj

Are a full range monitors, coming as a standard in red, black or white finishes and with a lot of custom finishes available. Some of them can be seen under that link here, but it is not the last word as for those particular speakers we have lot more for you  to offer – basically you can order them to suit you perfectly like TUXEDO, just to your taste and needs. And the mood as well – why not ?

Remember that those speakers are build to make an elegant set and match the SUPERIOR amplifier above. Hence if you are going for the complete set, consider that and try to make it special for yourself. Among the list of custom options here are the highlights. We call it most innovative concept:

  • elegant & modern in appeal,
  • innovative design
  • made from eco materials,
  • nicely priced,
  • desktop / portable with hi-end drivers,
  • and foremost full custom finished in innovative way

Art graphics are created by selected group of artists.

SUPERIORO gathers art & hi-tech design in one.

KetsuS & KetsuS Special


KETSUS’s appealing proportions embody a novatory design concept, lightness of form and a dash of quiet extravagance. It has been created with one goal in mind – to satisfy aesthetics and music demands of both, man & woman. That certainly will make things simple when it comes to the decision. With speaker s which are looking as good as they do sound, she will not say : NO!

KetsuS can be ordered in two shapes: Special & Simple.

First is employing Eryk;s best custom finishes available and premium quality finish given to the cabinet, which includes endless spray availability as well as thick multi-coating done with the quality lacquers to add to the quality. Even screws come anodised to the colour which complements the choice of woods and veneers.

Second, without sacrificing any sonic properties, brings speaker cabinets traditionally finished with vast choice of veneers chosen to complete the cabinet build.


  • frequency response: 32 Hz – 25 kHz (- 6 dB) 40 Hz – 22 kHz (- 3 dB)
  • impedance: 4 ohm
  • power rating:    – nominal: 150 watt    – short term: 200 watt
  • effeciency: 90 dB
  • total mass: app. 28 kg/item
  • measurements (hight, width, depth): 103cm x 14cm x 39cm