EXISTENCE LOUDSPEAKERS …. when music matters !

tunnus_existence_tunnus_cmykThe Existence speaker range from Finland are all about releasing the emotions infused into the sound and how to experience them fully, to touch you with the musical spell, whatever music is your personal choice. They are always there; the musical tissue is built into them.  You will feel it in your room, experience it and be drawn into it. That’s what we found and felt and that’s why we want YOU to share the same too.  Existence loudspeakers are about harmony.  Not just harmony with the musicians but also harmony with nature, understanding it’s beauty and being able to enjoy it. Merge your love of music with adoration for immaculate craftsmanship to bring it into new shape. Just listen and we can promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Technical aspects

Marko Reinikainen is the brains behind the brand and is madly in love with all things music!  Hence, he would do everything to avoid doing harm to the musical reproduction, pretty much the opposite.  That’s why he decided to build all his speakers without a crossover network.  To Marko it doesn’t matter if they are single or multi-driver speakers, no degrading crossover circuit will be used. That’s one of the things that makes the Olympus in the range so special. The drivers used there are all wide-branders, naturally paper cones.  All are implemented in parallel and tuned to play in the same phase internally.

How?  Differing cabinet wall thickness and shape, different materials used inside of the cabinets for damping and/or reflecting sound waves, all are utilized with skill and are perfectly tuned.  This is a purely artisan work of love.

Surely this is time consuming, hence all the models are made to order and it takes from three to six weeks to have them built, but they are well worth waiting for as the customer gets something unique. A product such as this, which is one of its kind and made exactly to his taste.  As a reward for your patience you have a choice of 33 different veneer finishes. We are honored to work with many artisans but none of them offers such a variety.

Products range

Starting right from the top there is Jewel in the Crown:

Existence EMPIRE mkII

  • Dimensions: H: 218 cm x W: 40 cm x D: 57 cm H: 85,8″ x W: 15,7″ x D: 22,4″8x 5″ bamboo heavy performance paper cone drivers with neodymium magnets (6 in front side, 2 in rear side)
  • 2 x 15″ sub drivers with separate active amplifiers from Hypex / unit
  • Sensitivity ~ 95 db / W / 1m
  • Impedance    4 Ohm

Test review at Finnish Audio-Video of Empire Mk1 excerpts

“There´s enough dynamics to bigger mansion. Even at mid volumes it was clear that limits of the loudspeaker is at high. Bass section was excellently clear and precise even the room wasn´t optimal. Adjust ability of bass makes it possible to fit almost everywhere. ” “Overall output of loudspeaker was very loyal to recording. Even the most silent details are there. At mid ranges there is sometimes some hardness but it´s very recording dependent. Vocalist is very present and takes listener easily to other worlds.” “When rock roars the bass sections clarity comes on sight. Easyness and fallibility comes noteworthy fine to surface. Hard music for wide branders didn´t suppress Existence Empire at all and also mid-range stands at high volumes without any mentionable fuzz.”

Existence Empire MkII comes in easily transferable transit case which have wheels with brakes under it. Case has also multiple handles for good and safe grip when moving loudspeakers.

Right bellow is where neat and shapely floor-standers belong:

Existence Reality

  • Floor standing, tall but very narrow loudspeaker
  • Height: 169 cm, Width: 22 cm (37 cm with feet), Depth: 34 cm
  • Height: 66.5″, Width: 8.7″, Depth: 13.4″
  • 12 x 4″ bamboo paper cone drivers with neodymium magnets ( 10 in front side , 2 in rear side)
  • Sensitivity approx. 95 db / W / 1 m
  • Closed bipolar wide band width line source
  • Impedance: 6 Ohm

“In a bigger picture, there were very few music/recordings that the Reality would not had supported; on the contrary, I’d say that the Reality is quite a competent and musical all rounder. Like with every loudspeaker the final suitability is a function of the triangle between the listener’s expectations and predilections, the loudspeaker’s qualities and the specialties of the recordings and the room.”

Review – click here

Company’s entry level entrance to floor standers range:

Existence Erotic

Floor-standing ( about 70 liters ) loudspeaker

  • Heigth: 109 cm, Width: 31 cm, Depth: 36 cm
  • Height: 42.9″, Width: 12.2″, Depth: 14.2″
  • 6.5″ bamboo heavy performance paper cone driver with neodymium magnets  Sensitivity 91 db / W / 1 m
  • Reflex port tuned
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm

“Guys from Existence Speakers managed to get from a medium size, 6,5” driver an impressively extended frequency response with punchy, fast, well controlled and defined bass, and a sweet, yet detailed and open treble.” …”You might think that these speakers would play well only some music genres, but in fact they are all rounders capable of playing almost any music there is.”….“If emotions are one of key features of music reproduction for you, if you like not to just listen to the music but experience it, plus if you expect your speakers to be a nice piece of furniture – give Existence Erotic a chance, they surely deserve it!“

Review – click here

And for those who’s got taste for designers lingerie we got:

Existence Erotic Vox 

Erotic Vox sports Voxativ speaker units, which are an 1″ bigger than those in std Erotic. That makes it completely different speaker. Different build and tuning with voicing adopted to match these particular drivers which had been used there. Different tune for BS, speakers attached from the inside , different plinth : those are just a few things to mention. Soon specification will be posted here. Picture and data are temporary for illustration only and are both subject to change.

Next are Big full range monitors designed to work on stands:

Existence Euphoric

  • Heigth: 49.5 cm, Width: 28 cm, Depth: 38 cm
  • Height: 19.5″, Width: 11″, Depth: 15″
  • Mid sized ( about 30 litres) loudspeaker for stands heights around 60cm (23,5″)
  • 5″ bamboo heavy performance paper cone driver with neodymium magnets
  • Sensitivity 89 db/W/1m
  • Reflex port tuned
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm

“ They belong into monitor speakers judging by their respected size, yet when music starts to play through them, they actually acted more like floor-standers. There was no lacking of natural bass and they filled the room with confidence  and without any additional artifacts. “For the first time I heard Devialet actually sing“

Review – click here

Hifi Critics – Existence Euphoric – Issue 39 eng

And opening entire line up, smallest monitors in whole range:

Existence Escort

Existence Escort mk II:

  • Heigth: 30 cm (11.8″ ), Width: 22.5 cm (8.9″), Depth: 26.5 cm (10.4″)
  • Small but great performing loudspeaker for stands heights around 70cm (27,5″)
  • 4″ bamboo papercone heavy performance driver with neodymium magnets
  • Sensitivity 87 db/W/1m
  • Impedance 8 Ohm

Existence Escort:

As above, but w/ Reflex port tuned for difficult positioning (near walls, bookshelves)

“Escort has nicely intelligible sound, tonally and spatially, contributing to emotional response toward the music”

Review – click here

Closing the range there is also available an excellent active Sub unit, versatile and designed to much every speaker from Existence range, and not only – basically every speaker you own and wish to improve its bottom grip:

Existence SUB 1

  • Active sub-woofer with  passive radiator
  • Scanspeak Revelator 9″ facing floor  with Scanspeak Revelator 9″ passive radiator facing rear
  • 400W  DS 4.0 amplifier from Hypex
  • Line and speaker level inputs
  • Adjustments to all your needs

“Fits perfectly with our line of loudspeakers among other manufacturers models too since it´s all the adjustments you might need. Great performer to both music and movie use”