The company has its beginnings in 2007 and its founder is Janusz Sikora, formerly one of the pillars of Burdjak & Sikora company producing supreme vaccum-tube amplifiers. Our turntables are produced individually, they are addressed to advanced music lovers and audiophiles who, like us, seek for the uncompromised and best possible sound source.

What do we do

We are concerned with designing and producing the advanced analogue turntables. We are lovers of good music played at home in the best possible quality. J.Sikora brand was built on this foundation and the need to share our own passion.

TURNTABLE Model : Initial Line


For some time it has been our wish to help a wider range of audio enthusiasts reach the experience that our premium products deliver at a lower price point. Our newest model in the range, the Initial, eventually emerged from this desire.We reduced the number of materials and overall complexity, whilst maintaining superb performance, significantly reducing the production costs. Additionally, alternative methods of resonance control have been developed, helping us to create a product based on elements of the premium models, which may be a new leader in its price range. The all-important main bearing, motor and its controller, providing excellent speed stability, are all sourced from the upper models.


  • Oil damped unipivot
  • Mass: 890g (+armboard 140g)
  • VTA mass 225g
  • Effective lenght: 304,8mm
  • Mounting distance: 291 mm
  • Effective mass: 13 g
  • Silver mono-crystal internal cabling from Albedo Silver Cables
  • Available colours: natural yellow and lacquered black mat

Initial Line: Version MAX

initial max_r


  • Total weight [kg]: 28
  • Platter weight [kg]: 4
  • Platter material: derlin
  • Material: aluminium,inox,cast iron
  • Bearing type: ceramic ball-inverted
  • Motor [pcs]: 1 DC
  • Belt: rubber
  • Rotation speed [rpm]: 33; 45
  • No. of tonearms: 1
  • Armboard: yes
  • Clamp: optional
  • Glass mat: optional
  • Power supply: optional
  • Dimensions [mm]: 440 x 330 x 160

Finally, on customer demand we did introduce the MAX version for the INITIAL deck, so those who need to accommodate second cartridge can use the same drive for doing it.  It shares specs with regular model but comes with the wider platform, additional tonearm base and second motor to make the system more stable and as close to the STANDARD Line as possible. At the same time The Black Anode finish had been introduced for the colour fans as an alternative offering to the silver paint. From that point on, the regular INITIAL deck can also be ordered in an Anode Black colour variant if someone prefers so. Arm boards are also included and will be cut to the specific demands to work with every tonearm on the market. Or custom adaptations are possible, just ask and tell Us what do You need.

TURNTABLE Model : Standard Line

Our design goals for this outstanding turntable were: maximum rigidity, minimal resonance, minimal vibrations and the highest achievable level of rotational stability.  We eventually accomplished this with the use of no less than five different and carefully tuned materials forming a sandwich arrangement. Rotational stability is regulated by a very advanced motor control circuit (DC/PAPST) and any remaining irregularities were largely eliminated by the use of two diametrically-opposed motors. This superb turntable may be used with a wide range of tonearms.

Standard Line: Version MAX


  • Total weight [kg]: 80
  • Platter weight [kg]: 18
  • Platter material: derlin and cast iron
  • Material: aluminium,brass,copper,inox,brown
  • Bearing type: ceramic ball-inverted
  • Motor [pcs]: 2 DC
  • Belt: rubber
  • Rotation speed [rpm]: 33; 45
  • No. of tonearms: 1 (+1 optional)
  • Armboard: yes
  • Clamp: yes
  • Glass mat: yes
  • Power supply: yes
  • Dimensions [mm]: 620 x 350 x 400

Just like with MAX’ed version of the Initial model the goal was here to get our STANDARD deck as close to the level of the Reference model as possible, performance wise and for the targeted budget. Therefore its base had now been set on the main base when control unit, like with the top model, had been integrated into the chassis. Extra space gained made multiple tonearm set ups easy achievable and brings extra flexibility. Additional weight makes all parameters more stable too. When STANDARD was already a very good turntable, the MAX version is really something else. Must be heard to be believed.

TURNTABLE Model : Reference Line

reference fb_r1200

The Reference turntable is an extreme development towards the same goals we set for the Standard turntable. This is a no-compromise turntable that can be considered a true reference in both name and performance.  No less than six types of materials and four centrally-controlled DC/PAPST motors are used. The platter is both dynamically and statically balanced and is constructed from three separate materials. The main bearing was improved with the use of steel, cemented carbides and zirconium. There is an option to use up to three tonearms, and again a wide variety of arms can be accommodated.


  • Total weight [kg]: 108
  • Platter weight [kg]: 18
  • Platter material: derlin and cast iron
  • Material: aluminium,copper,inox,brown,cast iron
  • Bearing type: ceramic ball-inverted
  • Motor [pcs]: 4 DC
  • Belt: rubber
  • Rotation speed [rpm]: 33; 45
  • No. of tonearms: 1 (+2 optional)
  • Armboard: yes
  • Clamp: yes
  • Glass mat: yes
  • Power supply: yes
  • Dimensions [mm]: 560 x 560 x 380

KV 12 Tonearm

KV 12

J.Sikora KV12″ is company’s first ever tonearm which made it to the final production stage. It is also the first ever tonearm with a wand made of aramid fibres. With Mr.Sikora approach it means a lot as he is the man who never owned any digital source, neither left the vinyl when the rest of the world did. Hence his standards and requirements, when it comes to the performance, are incredibly high. One can imagine that somebody like that tried to make things better many times before, having adequate skills and knowledge, and he did indeed. Long story short, if he didn’t decide to put it into production before there must have been a reason for that. Now we have it, we heard it and we did fall in love. Neither to say We never expected to hear the sound like that from the classic of the classics : Unipivot design. It just shows that if there is the wish strong enough there will be the way. We are far from writing pages of praises. It simply must be heard to be believed.


  • Bearing type: unipivot
  • Materials: aramid fibers, aluminum, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel
  • Oil damping: yes
  • Tube: conical (aramid fibers)
  • VTA regulation: yes
  • Azimuth: yes
  • Weight: 890g (+ armboard 140g)
  • VTA mass: 225g
  • Effective length: 304.8mm
  • Mounting distance: 291 mm
  • Effective mass: 13g
  • Wiring: monocrystalline silver from Albedo (especially for J.Sikora)
  • Available colors: natural yellow / varnished black matt

MM/MC Phonostage



  • dual mono
  • power supply unit in separated box
  • ultra low noise JFETs on input and output
  • single ended pure class A
  • no global feedback
  • passive RIAA compensation


  • MM – 45dB
  • MC – 65dB, 71dB

Input Load:

  • 20Ω – 50kΩ (multiple options)
  • 100pF – 900pF

Output Impedance:

  • 1200Ω

RIAA Linearity:

  • +/- 0,3 dB (20Hz -20kHz)

Available in silver and black


J.Sikora’s ultra low noise JFETs based Phono stage sets up new reference level at its price tag at our honest opinion. This incredibly well voiced phono is both, musical and involving when at the same time brings incredible resolution and sense of dynamic into the playback. On top of that it is dead quiet which is always a good thing when it comes to phono equalisers.