KBL Sound is the sum of years of experience with sound equipment and music, both, in studio and at concert or at home. Behind that experience was always hidden passion: the desire to see how close reproduction of recorded media can get to the sound of original event.
The result of this search are units, cables and accessories we developed. Before they even became products, they proved to be, as a result of endless experiments and comparisons, ready to face the market and worldwide competition.

In fact every audio system should be working like a time machine, taking us back to the moment that musical event had been taken at. We should be able to feel it, closing our eyes, that we are listening to performance at present, not any equipment at all. That’s why, among other things, we decided at KBL Sound to use for our cable ranges names rather related to seeing (Spectre, Hologram, Red Eye) than hearing. Because only when we can see the sound, it is real to us, clearly present and literally palpable.
Real performance has a direct nature, is alive, dynamic and three-dimensional. It makes impact on all the senses and evokes emotion. We believe that products offered by KBL Sound meet such a criteria. Such systems exists, of course, but they are extraordinary expensive. Our ambition is to offer not only products highly competitive in every price range with best value money can buy, but also without any compromise.



Fluid signal cables replaces Spectre from our previous classic line. They have the same tonal balance and natural colours as well as very good soundstage image. They are making a great match with any small and medium budget system and are made of the same conductors as our previous Hologram IC’s, bringing to the table almost the same quality for a much more affordable price.


Zodiac line is a direct replacement for our previous Hologram range. Being better cables, coming to the market at a similar price level, they re-establish KBL’s leading position and are capable to bring to most customers the final quality to their systems and guarantee long time satisfaction.  They are made of high purity long crystal OCC* copper conductors, which are additionally cryogenically treated. Sonically they carry on the same high qualities, which their predecessor had, but with clarity and resolution taken to another level. In fact, they feature many of the benefits of our flagship model Red Eye. Dynamic, coherence with precision and richness but without sacrifying their tonal qualities comes to mind first. WBT’s top Nextgen connectors are standard for new Zodiac IC.

Red Eye Ultimate

With feedback from the previous reviewers and private customers of Red Eye IC’s, they all agree and emphasize such features as accurate presentation, resolution, saturated colours and realistic sense of space. New Red Eyes Ultimate sound even more intriguing, with even more noticable tonal balance. They provide more information about the recording and clearly reflect more air around the instruments. In the proper class system, they can create the illusion of a real musical event. Their value for money certainly is one of the best on the market.


Himalaya interconnects use the same conductors as the model Red Eye Ultimate but their number is twice as big and the topology is more complex. They are made of the highest purity mono crystal silver, as a result of OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) process. This is a special metallurgical method, which ensures the conductors obtain a perfectly homogeneous molecular structure, with the highest clarity. Single crystals of metal reach a length even of several hundred metres. As a result, the electron beam passes through such a conductor without facing any barrier and does not degrade. The signal transmitted in this way has the highest smoothness and accuracy due to the absence of phase delay and distortion. Additionally, the cable is shielded in several ways against EM and RF interferences. A special multi-layered jacket protects the cables from external vibrations.

Digital Cables

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Zodiac digital interconnect replaces the previous Hologram, again offering significantly improved performance. The signal comes out smooth and clear without a trace of harshness and technical edginess, with all is musicality retained to its fullness.

Red Eye Ultimate

Red Eye digital – the latest ULTIMATE revision is dedicated to the digital connection in world best class systems. The same sound character as our ULTIMATE interconnect cables with unmatched tonal balance and flawless dynamic sound.


Our State of the Art Himalaya digital cables are offered in two versions: 75 ohm RCA and AES / EBU XLR 110 Ohm. Their construction is quite similar to the interconnects in this series. The conductor is pure silver monocrystalline obtained through OCC technology. Foamed Teflon is used as a dielectric. Cables have a spatial topology and special damping system resonances and quadruple shielding.

Thanks to its uncompromising design and materials they can avoid losses in transmission of fragile digital signals, which always result as technical character of sound, distancing from the analogue sound.

Loudspeaker Cables


  • Conductors: copper ribbon of 5N purity
  • Termination: silver plated BFA banana plugs made of tellurium copper
  • Fabric outer coating
  • Standard length available: 2 m, 2.5m, 3m
  • Other lenghts available upon request


  • Conductors:  highest purity mono crystal OCC copper
  • Termination: gold plated spades or BFA bananas
  • Other types of connectors avaiable upon request
  • Standard length available: 2 m, 2.5m, 3m
  • Other lenghts available upon request

Red Eye Ultimate

  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCC copper
  • Termination: copper CMC Swiss spades or tellurium copper BFA bananas, both silver plated
  • Other types of connectors avaiable upon request
  • Standard length available: 2 m, 2.5m, 3m
  • Other lenghts available upon request


  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCC copper, multistand
  • Separated hot and return wires for each channel
  • Termination: pure copper CMC Swiss spades silver plated
  • Other types of connectors upon request: spade or banana, Cardas rhodium plated or gold plated WBT
  • Standard length: 2x2m, 2×2.5m, 2x3m
  • Other lenghts upon request


  • Conductors: highest purity mono crystal OCC copper
  • Tuned vibrations damping system
  • Antivibration ring of selected wood
  • Termination: spades WBT 0661 Cu or 0681 Cu nextgen, bananas WBT 0610 Cu
  • Other optional connectors available upon request
  • Standard length available: 2×2 meters, 2×2.5 m, 2×3 m
  • Other lengths available upon request

Power Cables

KBL Sound Reference Power Distributor is designed to work with true high-end systems. This is one of the most technologically advanced products of this type, not only on the Polish audio market. It was designed and made with absolutely no compromise and use of the best components and materials available on the planet. Housing of this massive power bar is cutt out during long hours (ca. 8h) of CNC machining from solid block of dur-aluminium. As a result the chamber kept very thick walls – up to 35mm. This provides an excellent shielding, stability and resolistwa-golanance absorption from both, an external and internal zones, which helps maintain smooth transmission of electrons in wires and sockets that are installed inside. Power block is equipped with the best outlets available: Furutech FT-SDS, mounted to the base, high performance gold plated AC inlet for connecting the power cable and hook-up wire made of mono cristal OCC copper. Importantly, the out from the AC inlet to all five slots is arranged in parallel, not in series. This way, no socket in a series is “stealing” from the previous one as it is the case even in most exclusive power terminals. All components in the KBL Sound Reference listwa03Power Distributor are passive, there are no filters that typically can affect the various sonic aspects, same as conditioners do. This is not power conditioner, but its impact on equipment’s sound is usually more evident than it is in the case of even very expensive conditioners. The sound in comparison to the one that was previously exposed seems to be more alive and present, in short, a more direct and better defined. All aspects are improved.  Power distributor works best with KBL Sound power cable Himalaya or Red Eye, but it can also work with other high-end power cables.

“KBL Sound power distributor looks like it was made by a company with several years of experience on audio market that just prepared its newest, top model. Fit&finish, packaging and sound – all these features of this Reference Power Distributor are great. That is amazing especially considering that this is in fact one of the first KBL’s products. Together with Red Eye power cables it creates a complete power system that should work very well in every high-end system. Reference Power Distributor and Red Eye power cable are now elements of „High Fidelity’s” SYSTEM B.”

High Fidelity Best Product of the Year 2014

The system is a remarkable achievement, both in terms of finish and sound quality.  […] The resolution of the Polish power system is truly unique. A comparison with the Oyaide, a fantastic, internally coherent system with a clear agenda, showed that similar characteristics can be pushed much further. I mostly mean a better definition and differentiation of the system under review. Plugged-in after the KBL, the Oyaide sounded more “rough”.

Positive-feedback Issue 71

“While focusing on the direct character and fidelity possibly the closest to the original, KBL makes it possible to easily capture all kinds of microdetails and ornaments and the intensity of the experience will to a significant extent depend on the class of electronics plugged in it. Each plucking of a string, each passage of a hand on the fretboard is rendered to the audience in a clear manner, but so sophisticated that it is impossible to talk about the slightest offensive element. […] The KBL Sound Reference Power Distributor appears to be an optimal solution for discerning music lovers and audiophiles. A good value for money, it will certainly not spoil, average out or reduce anything. On the contrary – it will release potential dormant even in a quality, high-end system and will show the best direction of development in a highly eloquent manner. […] It is really worth it.”


Isolation Devices

Big Foot Absorbers

Proper isolation of audio equipment from vibration has a positive impact on all parts and their lossless operation, resulting in more direct music transfer and better tonal balance.

KBL Sound Big Foot parasite vibration absorbers are the result of long-term comparison of different design and material solutions. They are made of a special alloy enriched phosphor bronze filled with two components, which absorb vibrations very effectively. Their structure and operation distinguishes it from other tuning devices that are on the market. The purpose of most of them is only to separate the device from the ground, usually by minimizing the contact surface. Big Foot absorber works better, the greater its surface affects both the device and the ground. Parasitic vibrations are absorbed by its own weight, turning kinetic energy into heat inside his body, through the use of specially selected components for its design. In this way, not only are eliminated vibrations from the ground and the environment, but also its own which each electronic unit generates. Therefore, the most effective is to use it not as a stand under the unit feets, because it reduces the contact surface and does not eliminate the operation of units own feets, which are often very compromise. The full effect of the absorber is when it directly affects the bottom of the electronic component. Three massive (1 kg each) absorbers provide a stable and lossless operation, and their effects are spectacular even if the unit stands on the already isolated ground, as audiophile table, shelf attached to the wall, and more. It is thanks to the fact that their own vibrations are not excluded by any other vibration isolation systems.

Cable Stand

While pursuing to develop more advanced systems, we have created cable stands made up of two selected species of wood with a very large, yet varying fiber density and optimal performance in terms of dampening vibration. Dark wood from a lower layer hardens over at least several hundred years of lying in water. The wood of the top layer grows in extreme climatic conditions while producing extremely dense, oily, high-density fiber. These two types of solid materials with excellent anti-vibrant properties, adequately seasoned and connected with each other, thanks to their respectively tuned characteristics allow better distribution of vibration than a single block of homogeneous structure. Our stands are also impregnated with a special oil mixture with antistatic properties. They guarantee smooth and trouble-free cable operation thanks to the mechanical isolation from the ground vibrations, while at the same time distancing cables from static charges accumulating near the floor surface. Thanks to this solution the sound became more smooth, each instrument is more exposed from the background and provides more information about the atmosphere of the room where the recording was completed. All those features add up to the experience of more natural presentation.

Dimensions: W10 x H8 x D5 cm