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We would like to formally introduce our many UK customers and visitors to KR Audio vacuum tubes and amplification!

To us, who love – as you know, SET (Single-Ended Triode) design and the flea-powered sub-15w wonders most, the hybrid approach that KR Audio takes is incredibly interesting and different. Their approach allows them to build amplifiers with the final output stage employing triode valves and at the same time provide all the power that SET’s are missing. This extra power opens up an entire new land of possibilities.  We have run extensive tests with the speakers in our portfolio in addition to others, with some infamous for being difficult to drive and we haven’t yet found a speaker yet for which we are not able to get the perfectly matching amplifier from KR Audio.  That alone is important, but it is more about the final listening pleasure with the system performing in an engaging and sophisticated way than just obtaining well-matched electronics, which regardless the price and perfect electrical match, don’t really touch our souls. KR Audio amplification and tubes can, and do touch the soul and get to the heart of the music in a way that few audio products do.