LAR is a small artisan company, but it is led by really big personality.

Mr. Czyzewski, the owner of the brand and its main engineer is a modest man and not one of those people are first to promote himself. He is a man with ears much bigger than his mouth and that is very desirable attribute given his chosen profession.

Behind his daily activity, which is serving the professional market such as recording studios, stage-engineering support and repair/inventing services for artists, he also has a great passion for music and sound reproduction.

It is worth to mention here, as it does not happen too often, that he is a holder of high degrees in Electrical Engineering and is the holder of a doctorate from one of the most reputable Technical Universities in Poland; University of Technology in Wroclaw. It would not be easy to find many in this industry with an academic carrier behind them.

With such a background that’s the man I can trust. Polishing his skills in serious corporate projects for over three decades, he reached the point where he decided to put more attention towards his passion and created the amplifier of his dreams – NAZCA, now in its version III evolution. Following that grand slam he further explored mid-level areas of the market and created a whole range of integrated amplifiers as well as an excellent phono stage – again in its 3rd version. All these products are highly competitive with a main-stream offer and possess incredible value for money. That’s the reason of great success in the Polish market, but I just working on to proudly bring LAR fame to UK and European markets.

NAZCA 845 Monobloc Amplifiers

Basic information:

NAZCA are high output Triode based  mono amplifiers designed to be used in the highest quality audio systems. They are ready to face the most demanding electronics on the market as well as the highest user expectations. We have done our best to squeeze as much as possible from this circuit design in respect of highest possible music playback achievable.

The NAZCA amps are built as a two mono blocks for best use of design intent. All input voltages are stabilised to avoid even the smallest changes in performance quality according to power line nonlinearities, especially in very sensitive first stages of amplification circuits. All valves employed in the circuit are DC- heated. The output stage heating current for the power triodes is supplied from separate power supply set on additional  transformer. Anode voltage supply is equipped with a separate high power transformer and rectifiers working in connection with Hexfred diodes. Total filtering capacitors bank goes over 2000 uF. Separate tap of this transformer, again with separated power supply is serving remaining peripheries.

The NAZCA amplifier works in Push – Pull configuration in Class AB. As an output valves we have chosen to use DC heated transmission triode 845, due to its fantastic linearity and high power – above 60Watt with a minimal distortions.

Unlike usual mono amplifiers, our NAZCA amplifiers are equipped with doubled inputs, source selectors and high quality mono volume controllers. For these reasons they can serve as fully functional amplifiers without the need for an additional preamplifier.

Today, when most digital sources rely on DAC  as a host interface the only alternative is for turntables is a separate phono-stage unit – we believe that 2 is enough, but it can be obviously expanded on demand.

Chassis – our pride and joy

It is noticeable from the first look that NAZCA are not like other amplifiers.

Their chassis are extraordinary and eye catching sculptures and a piece of art of industrial design.

There were few targets we wanted to achieve building them says designer:

First and most important was to build the foundation which would allow us to accommodate all parts used in this design to arrange best and shortest signal paths possible.

All electronic circuits in these mono amps are positioned in a 10mm thick horizontal profile on the top, specifically shaped to achieve two goals: Wrap parts perfectly for the best possible electric shock isolation and shield sensitive signal paths from disturbing RFI /EMI interference, for cleanest signal transmission. Under that, in a sub-chassis build as a hybrid duralumin cage with sandwiched wood walls where all transformers have been kept.

It had been designed to help cancel mechanical vibrations coming from the power supply section and further protect signal purity.

Finally bottom base is equipped with specially designed set of aluminum discs with spikes under them, which together with matching under part they are resting on – enhanced our contribution to build the best feet for audio equipment we managed to research.

Also our speaker terminals had been engineered by us as we found them highly competitive to those available on the market regarding the price.

Second, but not less important with this kind of valve was a trouble free ventilation scheme and safe tube application. Hence we positioned output valves horizontally to make them convectively cooled and safety hidden from being touched.

And finally the glorious appearance taking NAZCA out of the crowd and making owner proud to have a pair of those incredible and unusual mono amplifiers. The chassis has been designed in close co-operation with industrial design artist who consulted with our team every issue laying between perfect engineering concepts, functionality and our ambition to make it unique and beautiful at the same time.


Each pair is built to the order by a skilled technician and with use of laboratory-measuring equipment. Each have to pass our test procedures before they leave us.

Due to this fact each pair can be customized in regards to finishing touches like colour, veneer selection, as well as components choice, for the customers looking for final solution in their systems and always going for the best.

To protect this precious investment each NAZCA mono block is supplied in matching transport case to avoid likelihood of damage.

All our products are covered with 2 years of warranty. During this period any technical faults will be removed free and without additional fees.

Additionally the same circuit can be offered with alternative choice of 211 vacuum tube employed in the output stage. Both sharing highest available quality, but offering slightly different definition of the sound depended on the nature of the valve and different power.

Technical data (per single mono amp)


  • Inputs number : 2
  • Input type: unbalanced with RCA connectors

– gold plated with polypropylene isolation

– switched on by selector knob on the top

  • Input sensitivity: 100 mV at 1W /4 ohm
  • Input impedance: 100 kOhm
  • S/N ratio: > 90 dB
  • Volume control unit : Blue ALPS pot (a standard)



  • Recommended speaker impedance: 4 to 8 Ohm
  • Continuous power: (sin.1 kHz): 60 W at 4 Ohm
  • Harmonic distortion: 4 Ohm, 1W, 20 Hz……20 kHz): less than < 0,1 %
  • Bandwidth: –3 dB (sin. 1 W) ; 4 Hz ….. 60 kHz
  • Output terminals: 1 pair 25 mm diameter speaker posts.

– gold-plated with polypropylene isolation