Tektron has been around for over 20 years getting its start restoring and repairing antique radios. In Italy. If you visit the Tektron website  you’ll see that Tektron is still involved in antique radio restoration and sales. Company also sales  new and NOS tubes – some of the very rare kind; vintage HiFi components; and various parts, that’s including their own hand-wound transformers. Then add today’s line of tube gear which has already been around for over 15 years constantly being evaluated and improved to reach today’s mastered shape. They possessed their own character and this lovely touch of the Italian design however, from the beginning . Craftsmanship behind that was always impressing .I remember still when I got my first Tektron Amplifier ,some several years back and I was so impressed with its strong and beautiful appearance in the flesh. Pictures really doesn’t pay the justice and they have to be seen to fully understand the quality behind the build.

Wooden plinths build of seasoned Mediterranean timber and perfect proportions makes them highly decorative objects themselves , even if they are switched off and not playing music at all. But when they DO , then there is another story. The designer behind Tektron is Attillio Caccamo who, together with a partner, does all assembly and testing of Tektron’s own line of hand-wired Amplifiers Preamplifiers and Phono stages. The voicing of Tektron amps is really unique. Attilio succeeded to build them in the way to get into the blend all those qualities for which people love tube gear and at the same time  he didn’t overdone the job , to make them sounding too slow ,too warm or to much romantic. Instead he managed to make them sounding fast ,dynamic spacious and lively, with an excellent sense of space and air given around the instruments. Human voices appearance is where their biggest strength lays. This is true now how behind that work of love and I believe that Attilio’s Sicilian origins with all this beautiful sounds he grown surrounded by took a huge part in creating his music sensitivity , which he surely was capable to transfer into his amazing amplifiers.

Pictures show mix of finishes to give an idea how they may look like, but personally we have chosen to have British models delivered in light Olive wood finish with copper top plate to distinguish them, but obviously any other colour/finish will be supplied to meet customer’s demand. All UK imported models models had their PS section ready to handle 240 V from the wall with a tolerance margin left for Northern lands where voltage very often goes over 250 V. All to make them gorgeous, save and reliable ;]

Please have a look at these beauties ,from Phono and Preamp to Amplifiers themselves, as pictures are worth more than a thousand words here, even if they fail badly to show the beauty of those artisan creations  ;]


(High quality Stereo tube Phono MM Preamplifier)

  • Features: Matched tubes: ECC83 x 2 – ECC82 x 1 – EZ80 x 1
  • MM Signal input: 2 mV
  • Input impedance: 47 Kohm
  • Frequency range: 10 – 100.000 Hz
  • Connectors: Connectors of very high quality
  • Power Supply: 100/115/230/240 VAC – 50/60Hz. Other voltage are available upon request
  • Dimensions and weight: 23,5 x 15 x 12 cm. – 2,3 Kg
  • Finish: Solid wood (several types of wood available)
  • Notes: Artisanal product made in Italy. Point to point built (NO pcb).
  • High quality components
  • Additional information: Brass top plate, in copper upon request
  • NOS tubes included upon request
  • CE – RoHs – RAEE compliant.

This excellent PHONO can be on demand supplied as a MONO version as well. It is well recommended to use it with Miyajima cartridges. They are together the match in heavens.

TK 6J5 Preamp

(High quality Stereo tube Preamplifier)

  • Features: Matched tubes: 6J5 x 2 – 5Y3 x 1
  • Separate Volume control (L/R)
  • High quality components Inputs:  3
  • Line inputs high impedance (100 Kohm)) /  Gain: 15/20dB
  • Outputs: 2 outputs: 1 adjust via potentiometer (Volume L/R) – 1 fixed for tape
  • Power Supply: 115/230 VAC – 50/60Hz. Other voltage are available upon request.
  • Dimensions and weight: 31 x 22 x 16 cm. – 8Kg
  • Finish: Solid wood (several types of wood available) with pure electrolytic copper

Notes: Artisan product made in Italy. Point to point built. 6J5 Tubes supply chokes loaded. Copper top plate, NOS tubes included upon request. CE – RoHs – RAEE compliant.

Amplifiers listed bellow are TEKTRON’s trademark. They made company famous for building DHT-matic single amplifier dedicated to all triode enthusiasts ! These are the only existing amps of this kind allowing owner using them with all types of classic triodes. Instead of having shelf full of amplifiers – have just one of them and hands full of triodes to play with. This way, regarding specific differences between every of those valves one has a filling he’s got as many amplifiers as he’s got a Vacuum tubes to swap. And it had all being done without any playback compromise.


(High quality Mono block tube power amplifier)


TK2A3/50S-I ( Integrated )

(High quality stereo tube integrated amplifier)