Verictum is a brand founded by cooperating companies LCM and the company’s Commercial Technology Group Sp. z o.o
CTG provides Verictum technological base, while the LCM deals with the implementation of its products are intended for audio, organization of production, marketing and sales.

The Verictum products are based on research and experiments performed by CTG Sp. z o.o. (Commercial Technology Group) in the fields of signal and energy transmission, interference suppression and wave control propagation. They were carried out within the framework of projects related to energy industry and ICT. The CTG Company engineering staff consists of a research and implementation team. The team members specialize in the fields of electronics, telecommunications technology, IT and physics. They develop the CTG Company projects. They have made significant progress and produced results in the field of high technology. Verictum derives from those technologies and invents innovative solutions based on them, while successfully transferring them to audio products.

The brand name for solutions used in Verictum products is Technology X.

Technology X is a cutting-edge technology that suppresses the degrading effects of electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI). The technology consists of a wide range of processes and materials that were developed during long-term research performed by the company. Its composition and technological process is constantly modified, depending on the synergy effect desired for a specific usage. It is worth mentioning that high technology constantly develops and becomes popular in basically every aspect of life, for example the signal transmission, and its level is constantly on the rise. This contributes to the fact that the negative influence of EMI in the audio field is also increasing. The Verictum brand aims to neutralize the negative influence of interference on our audio systems.

Power cord Demiurg

One to rule them ALL!

All of our products are the result of our unwavering passion for music, extensive research, experience, countless trials and verification while listening on various sound systems. The basic reference for us is the natural sound of acoustic instruments, that is why during tests we listen to classics first of all. Faithful reproduction of this kind of demanding material guarantees high quality sound also in case of other genres.

It’s worth noting that Demiurg has been designed and is manufactured within UN, the only element from outside Poland are the original Japanese rhodium-plated plugs by Furutech FI-E50(R), i FI-50(R) PIEZO CERAMIC.

Technical data:

  • conductor Verictum: cryogenized silver 4N, 24K gold-plated
  • ground wire cryogenized silver 4N
  • multistrand solid core
  • effective section 3,35 mm2
  • Furutech FI-E50(R), i FI-50(R) PIEZO CERAMIC plugs
  • length 180 cm

A quality power cable is a key element in Hi end systems.

Demiurg is available exclusively to order. Production takes about 30-90 days.

X Bulk

X Bulk works very effectively and efficiently. It unquestionably eliminates the EMI/RFI.
We are certain that X Bulk is unparalleled in its work and represents the highest quality among the devices of this kind on the market. It makes the sound crystal clear, full, multicolored, multidimensional and dynamic; the scene becomes precisely ordered, broader and it reveals next, deeper dimensions. We can hear more nuance emerging from the dark background, while the sound stays full and velvet-smooth. X Bulk gives you the quality that makes you stay in your armchair and listen. X Bulk cooperates perfectly with X Fuse, as well as with our other products.

X Bulk is an essential addition to top class audio systems: integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers and preamplifiers, as well as power strips and CD and DAC sound sources. It is its job to divert the parasitic EMI/RFI out of the above-mentioned devices and emit it in the form of heat. While using and testing many conditioners of this type, we realized that their impact was easy to spot, but it did not work the way we thought it should have.

X Block

X Block is a passive EMI/RFI filter that operates by transforming interference into heat. The solutions used in it are as effective as those utilized in X Bulk, but without necessarily connecting it to the mass of the device. It has to be emphasized that X Block is not an equivalent to X Bulk, but works as its supplement – it operates in a spectrum that is not reached by X Bulk. Similarly, X Block cannot replace X Bulk. However, they work extremely effectively together. X Block’s function is to collect the interference that gathers and is emitted inside the device, for example, the interference originating from the power and digital unit that impacts the analog unit negatively. X Block can be used by placing it on the cover of the device above the power supply, above the analog unit or in the optimal place decided by the user, based on his experience. It can be heard how much interference can still be eliminated, which highly benefits the reception of music.

X Block does not contain any electronic components, capacitors, transformers etc. It is completely passive. The enclosure is made of exotic merbau wood.
We advise to use X Block with amplifiers, power amplifiers, CD players, DAC, preamplifiers, power supplies etc.
It is advisable to place an X Block on every device of the system, the absolute minimum is the CD player or DAC.

Size: 14cm x 4cm x 20cm

Warning! X Block should not be placed on devices that heat up. The maximum temperature it works in is 55 degrees Celsius.

X Fuse and X Fuse model X2

W would like to present high-end fuses designed specifically for audio. They are unparalleled on the market when it comes to technological advancement. They are based on the technology developed by our company – Technology X.

The fuses in the Verictum – X Fuse line have been designed over a long time, through research, comparisons and experiments. We developed about a dozen prototypes, from which we chose 3 that we found most promising. At a later stage of the process of technical and sonic perfecting, they competed against each other with their sound, until we chose a winner. This is how one of the best, if not the best, fuse on the high-end audio market, Verictum – X Fuse, came to life.

The fuses we offer are made from ceramics. They are produced strictly according to our specification. Unlike many products on the market, the contacts are not nickel-coated. The contacts in Verictum – X Fuse are coated with pure silver, to provide the best conduction. Each of them is hand-polished, to maximize the contact surface with the socket and to minimize losses. The fuses are also frozen in nitrogen for many hours, in a multiphase process. The process is conducted in laboratory conditions and controlled by computer. Cryogenization stabilizes molecular structure of the conductor, which significantly improves its electric parameters and the sound. The final step of the production consists of hand-wrapping each fuse in a properly prepared material. It is very effective in suppressing vibration and isolating the fuse. It also reduces the impact of a specific spectrum of negative external factors.