The designer’s Goal was to create a turntable set up for the modern vinyl connoisseur.

People are continuously looking for the sound of neutrality and tonal complexity – Those who love a challenge and remain open for discoveries, those who dare to try other things, like to play with different pick ups, accessories and new solutions, whatever can help them to hear the sound they truly appreciate. Perfect sound! Meaning they experience music in a manner akin to being part of the live performance rather than be constantly concerned about the quality of the playback itself – getting to the heart of feeling, rhythm and emotion. Losing themselves in pure act of creation and melting completely into the core of the Art.

All great inventions of the Golden Era of Vinyl have been employed here. Some have been redesigned or improved, some have been kept as they have proved themselves many time to be the best. With full respect we proudly learned from them.

The traditional proportions of the deck reflect our passion for classic beauty. A lovely choice of woods with rich grain and deep texture compliment the simple purity of its silhouette. Finish quality of all metal elements adds a final touch of glamour to the overall sophisticated presence and becomes the final touch to complete the design concept.

Design Highlights

ZONTEK belongs to the family of decks often described as rigid. It sports a separate high quality precision Swiss motor, suspended from the transport unit. For the best Sonics a belt-drive solution has been adopted. The silent motor runs on DC and has an ability to precisely adjust to the desired speeds on the fly. The transmission belt has circular diameter and depending on personal preference, up to three can be used.

The wooden plinth is split horizontally to be sandwiched with a cast frame. This core holds the bearings, but what’s invisible but very important, is that it also clamps the plinth and mechanically decouples the motor vibrations from it.

We use different hardwoods for that duty, always well seasoned and mostly exotic because of their better inner vibration damping abilities. For this reasons their parameters remain constant in changing atmospheric conditions, meaning that the vibration absorbing qualities do not change in more humid or overheated locations. The plinth surface is finished with few coats of highest quality piano lacquer, which can be transparent or black.

gpoint-audio_zontek_02Precision ball bearings are made of highest quality, hardened steel and special bearing bronze allied with a magnetic suspension to support the maximum weight of the platter (up to 35 kg). As a lubricating system we used our unique and not found anywhere else, micro tabular scheme lubricating oil to relevant surfaces. Our other copyrighted design is a simplified system for replacing the used oil, without turning or lifting the heavy turntable.

Aluminium plates are dynamically balance and its diameter is increased to provide additional stability and applying a greater gyroscopic effect. It sports a classic scale to control the rotation of 33.33 and 45.11 rev / min. We are offering two versions of the plate: Standard 13kg and 23kg Ultra version, with circular weights pressed, into it for additional suppression of unwanted resonance.

The turntable comes with a singular armboard included as standard. It allows the attachment of any kind of tonearm available on the market and will accept any tone-arm length. Again, it is not just a plane plate however, but complex design using a micrometry transmission engine for height and VTA adjustments, allowing set up accuracy in steps of 0,01mm. (The full range available is 15mm) It is another unique design we have created exclusively for our record player.

Up to three arm boards for multi tonearm set up can be mounted into the frame. The massive feet are made of aluminium, which is further coated with premium quality nickel inside which there are steel spikes, resting on an inner steel plate. Such a flexible and vibration free connection stops vibration travelling any further. This also levelling the turntable perfectly a simple exercise. Access to the screw-spike for adjustment is provided from the top of the leg after removing the covering cup. It adds into the complexity of the simple design and aids simple maintenance, which is important when it comes to 60 kg weight turntable unit. On demand high quality INOX steel feet can be chosen as an alternative finish – they add to the weight and in some environments can help to achieve the best results, when the best support is hard to obtain.

Turntable weight:

  • Standard version: 45kg ( sporting 13kg plate )
  • Ultra version: 55kg.( sporting 23kg plate )
  • Drive unit weight: 8 kg.

DELTA Tonearm

This is our pride and joy! Designed to meet and fulfill the very highest market demands. It is a unique 14.5 inch arm and is made completely by hand by the designer himself. Only the very best materials are employed: rare, selected Black Ebony and Bronze for metal parts which is then 24 carat gold coated (on demand it could be rhodium and silver). Manufacture of the tone-arm is a precise, artisan job which takes 6 weeks to complete. The wand is made of solid ebony, which is conically shaped to help stiffness and the best possible weight distribution.

Like the platter, it employees a one-sided magnetic suspension system, which does not cause any resistance and allows a liquid smooth and super precise control for anti-skate. It uses miniature worm gear to exert torsional force to the lower part of the arm’s suspension. Each arm is individually tuned and adjusted depending on the customer expectations relating to the mass of the cartridge to be used. It is possible to build arm rod with a effective weight range from 14g up to about 22g.

For ultra precise cartridge matching, for our most demanding customers we additionally adjust the arm’s efficient mass by increasing mass with specially engineered add on weights which are carefully selected, shaped and located, depending on particular system chosen.

The unusual length of our DELTA Tonearm and careful material selection, together with exacting build quality standards and lacking any kind of resistance makes it the most dynamic, musical and detailed precision instrument we had ever experienced enjoying music. It is a purely artistic achievement developed for the most devoted vinyl admirers around the planet, as well as ourselves.

DELTA is where all of this began. When we made it (after 5 years) we had been forced to make an accompanying drive unit, as all available drives we experienced had always something missing and had to be improved to help DELTA shine. Hence we created ZONTEK, the perfect partner, which not only looks gorgeous, but sharing tone-arm’s design principles, compliments DELTA’s design perfectly, giving listeners the chance to explore feeling of lossless music.


Zontek ART DECO preamp is the latest addition to designer’s original portfolio. The Art Deco comes in two units with a power stage linked to the phono-stage with an umbilical cord. It’s build matches the beauty of the phono- stage and it is intended for both units to be kept on show. Both are minimalist in appearance, with the green illuminated on-off button on the left of the phono-stage matching that on the turntable, and a single 3-way selector knob central on the front on the unit for the purity of the design. All the controls for settings for any cartridge you want are located on the back. Both, moving magnet or moving coil cartridges being fully supported.. Having three inputs is intentional, as it allows user to fit 3 arms on  Zontek turntable,


Only the best components are used, as one would expect at this price, including LCR modules, Lundahl transformers and Mundorf Supreme components. On the back as well as RCA in-and-outs it also has balanced XLR output.With the Art Deco, all adjustments are done at the back with six sets of micro-switches, one for each channel of the three inputs