Power conditioners, filters and cables

Industrial power specialists and audio enthusiasts who possess extended knowledge about fighting the varied pollution coming from the mains supply that can ruin the performance of our cherished systems.  Their entire offering of power bars, filters and conditioners outperforms the usual better-known brands in our experience and that of our customers.  There is little competition really.  It only takes few minutes to understand how good these products are, once heard.  We are so confident about the quality of Gigawatt power equipment that we  are open to any sort of sparring and will even trade your fallen idols in to help you to obtain the best.  Bring along your current champion (see what we did there) to find out.  Bets are not allowed though!  These products are built to last and stunningly presented.

Passive Power Bar and range of power cables

Again, with their usual care, KBL have developed the top quality six socket power supply using the best parts industry has to offer.  Additionally they took meticulous care with machining, internal wiring and mechanical damping of the unit.  Their cables have also been engineered and built with the same degree of devotion.  Result: One of the most analogue and relaxed sounding power bars we have ever heard.  When combined with the company’s own cables the pleasure extends to infinity.

SILK passive power filter

The Silk was one of Lukasz’s first commercialised products. Still remains the cheaper filter in our portfolio and probably on the market too. For it’s asking price it simply has no competition. If you can survive with four sockets only – this filter is the best money you can spend for power filtration.

Power cord Demiurg

All of Verictum’s products are the result of unwavering passion for music, extensive research, experience, countless trials and verification while listening on various sound systems.