Acoustic room treatment products

Company specializes in the production of acoustical panels of all sort.  From listening rooms and home theatre systems to recording studios and rehearsal rooms, to conference rooms and auditoriums… wherever acoustic treatment applies.  All are made to the highest standard with the use of carefully-selected woods.  These are about the highest quality available for products of this sort with all custom finishes available: from colour staining for frames and panels to selection of any fabrics to much your beloved interior perfectly.  The standard offering includes affordable priced, well-proven designs.

Tables, platforms, stands

The separation of our products from the competition is due to the uncompromising approach to the subject and the unlimited imagination of the constructors who allow us to dress ideologies and ideas in careful construction solutions with high functional qualities and sophisticated design. This makes our products have no counterparts in the market. We focus on our own industrial design and base on our own, many years’ know-how.

ALPIN LINE eagerly leaves room for the Customers imagination, what to choose the varnish, the type of stone in combination with the interior and specific audio devices. A suitable plate is used for each line in terms of material and color. Polished varnish, stainless steel, marble, granite and exotic wood are materials that guarantee the uniqueness of each product and absolute resistance to the test of time making the products timeless.

Put your Gear on the Right Stuff!

Graphite Audio is a Polish brand that was founded to support all those music lovers and audiophiles, who strive for the most natural, credible and involving sound of their precious audio components. We have learned that that every sound system must be treated holistically as even the tiniest details play a critical role in sound reproduction and the final satisfaction of the listener. Being not satisfied with the solutions available on the market we had taken up a quest to find an alternative, naturally sounding, remedy for omnipresent vibrations.

We have never been the enthusiasts of anti-vibration accessories made of metals, steel, ceramic or glass due to their tendencies to colour certain frequencies. It had taken us 2,5

Tables, platforms, stands

Rogoz is a dream manufacturer.  Not only they build their entire range of audio furniture up to the very highest standards but also the choice of custom finishes is incredibly vast.  Icing on the cake comes from the fact that there is also no standard size table.  Those visible on the website are examples only to give you some idea, then you need to take your measuring tape and off you go!  That means that you are getting your three shelf rack for the same money, doesn’t matter if is is only 50 cm or 150 cm wide.  Yes, really! So, hosting three audio components costs exactly the same as hosting nine.  Different vertical spacings between shelves are no problem either, just tell us what you require.  We don’t know any other manufacturer on the planet who’s offering as much for such reasonable prices.  No surprise then that we have a rapidly-growing community of Rogoz Audio stands and Audio Racks users.

Acoustic resonators

Resonators might be not the latest comer to the audio firmament, but to us they remain the most efficient products to fight back room imperfections and problems it causes.  We believe in a holistic approach, and in that regard the room is a part of the system and should be treated with as much respect as the electronics or speakers.  It probably started with F. Tchang of ASI as those who are familiar with the subject might well remember.  Then Synergistic Research launched their own ART system based on similar goals, but looking and working in completely different way.  A few others tried to join this market, amongst which we found the ZILPLEX set to be not only one of the best of all but also offering the bast value for the money.