Power front

  • Gigawatt is highly regarded power product manufacturer from Poland with massive experience and involvement in some serious industrial projects. From the field of research on power filtration subject first Power Audio Laboratories came to life , to evaluate later to top class conditioning specialist, as GIGAWATT remains today.
  • Lukasz is The Lampizator and LampizatOr already has an enviable worldwide reputation gained by standing up for what he believes is the correct way to do Hi fi. His renowned and long running blog has gained a degree of notoriety in the world of audio, in no small part due to his often ruthless revelations about mainstream hi-fi products and their real value.
  • Verictum is a brand founded by cooperating companies LCM and the company’s Commercial Technology Group Sp. z o.o. CTG provides Verictum technological base, while the LCM deals with the implementation of its products are intended for audio, organization of production, marketing and sales.