Digital, USB, phono ,interconnects and speaker cables

Grzegorz Gierszewski, a CEO of the Albedo is the man of many talents.  Holding degrees in Metallurgy and Jewellery, his cables are the fruit of both deep wells of knowledge and experience.  Quality-wise these cables stand out from the usual crowd of re-branded and over hyped one season stars which glossy magazines are full of.  Sonic quality is the main concern and no compromise is accepted.  Finish is exemplary even at the bottom of the range.  The latest mono-crystal technology which Albedo applied to the top of their range is a jewel in the crown. Simply speaking – we believe these are genuinely some of the best silver cables on the planet.

Digital, USB, phono ,interconnects and speaker cables

Entire range of KBL Sound Cables is our offer of choice for hybrid design cables.  Designer Robert Szczerbowski believes that there is no best formula or best material around.  Hence he is experimenting with them all and for the best blend.  His cables are then copper, silver or silver clad copper.  Ribbon, solid or multi-strands with all choice of dielectrics.  But, they have one thing in common: materials for making them is the best available. They have a purity and the voicing, just as the way they are built is simply stunning.  This is truly the artisan spirit and approach, hence we have to have it.

Digital, USB, phono ,interconnects, CAT7 and speaker cables

Luna Cables is located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, a region known for its agritourism and artisan producers of wine and cheese. Our headquarters, workshop, and listening room are situated in an old 19th century farmhouse, which sits on 74 acres of land nestled between Lake Memphrémagog and a working maple farm. From dying the cotton sheaths, braiding the conductors, to assembling all the finishing touches, each cable is assembled by the designer Danny Labrecque himself. This ensures the highest standard for quality performance.

Digital, USB, interconnects and speaker cables

Norwegian cable-wizard Knut Skogrand makes his pure copper monocrystal cast cables high up in the northern mountains.  Process and manufacturing details remain a family secret formula.  Their fame is well known around the planet and they are probably most desirable audio cables on today’s market.  Their luxury finish is immediately recognisable as they are clearly looking like no other cable. That is also the truth to be said about their sound.  You will love them from the first listen.  Truly sensational, no compromise cables for the very best systems.

StavEssence cables in GPoint Audio

USB end ethernet cables

StavEssence is not your usual audio cable company.  The only cables you will be able to find here are network and USB cables. This is a company that focuses on modern digital technologies for streaming and networking, developing cables that originate in the IT industry. The brains behind the brand and company owner, Mr. Karol Staworko is not your usual designer either.