For the last twenty years the owner and driving force behind G Point Audio has been involved in almost every aspect of music, sound and its reproduction. From regular appearances at music festivals throughout Europe as a music journalist and photographer, to recording and publishing. From a passion for hifi diy and acoustic research, to promotion of high fidelity playback equipment. We have understanding and we have knowledge.

At G Point Audio we appreciate how music is made and we understand the technicalities of reproducing music beautifully in the home. We understand that individual components do not work in isolation and we recognize and have the skills needed to match components to give you the listener the most coherent and emotionally moving musical experience. Our suppliers are our friends and they share our enthusiasm for the music. They have respect for the art form and they, like us, have a no compromise philosophy to making the music connect with the listener on the deepest spiritual level possible.

In short the relationship between G Point Audio and our suppliers is based on mutual respect for each other and a mutual understanding and love of the music. We do not offer hifi that is manufactured on production lines in factories! We present genuine artisan creations that are often made to order to match your specific requirements to enable you to enjoy the most wonderfully perfect hedonistic aural pleasure possible.

If you are looking for gadgets or the latest hifi toys then you will need to look elsewhere. If you are a genuine music lover and want hi fi to transport you to the most faithful reproduction of the concert hall experience, then you are with like-minded spirits and we welcome you with open arms.

Welcome to G Point Audio and welcome to the world of beautiful musical reproduction