Welcome to G Point Audio, the home of the very best in artisan audio playback and hi-fi systems.

Our deepest desire is to share with a wider audience the truth that the very best in audio playback does not always come form those with the biggest names in the industry.

The products that G Point Audio has carefully chosen to represent come from a very different philosophical perspective. They are made by individuals and small groups of people passionate about music, recording techniques and above all music reproduction in the home. These are people who have devoted their lives to pursue audio excellence without being constrained by the shackles of commercial pressures.
These artisans are driven by their passion to recreate music in its very purest form and get to the very essence of the composition whatever the financial expenditure. They are unconstrained by book-keepers and accountants keen to drive the bottom line and they have a single-minded obsession to achieve true high fidelity at any cost. As a result of this fixation on excellence the works of art they produce are often extraordinary, unique and beautiful.
Over the years I have had the rare privilege to get to know some of these artisans and I have been honoured to be allowed to experience the aural pleasure the fruits of their labour can bring.
At G Point Audio we have hand-picked the very finest of these hi fi craftsmen and have the greatest pleasure in being able to share their works of art with you.