The first taste is with the eyes…

Despite the fact we already know that Eryk Smólski is truly gifted amplifier designer and builder we must learn that his talent equally spreads to speakers.  In fact this is where he started.  Eryk loves simplicity, and his speakers are real tribute to that. Point source and coherent they are either single driver or unusual array, but whatever design they are they simply do sound sublime. Just like they do look. This is Eryk S trade mark to make things not only sounding brilliant but looking equally good.  A match in heaven for vacuum tube amplification.

Planar Magnetic Loudspeakers

Diptyque audio is a unique concept of flat speakers, high fidelity, made in France, sources of visual and sound emotions. Close your eyes, the concert is in front of you, each instrument takes its place in a sound stage incomparable by its precision and its amplitude. The voices breathe, we feel the physical presence of the performers. Open your eyes, our speakers are works of art, unique pieces that will fit into the most beautiful architectures.

Get ready for a blast

This is a brand that we started our mission with.  Listening to horns is quite unique experience, but listening to well built hORNS is something life-changing.  Lukasz Lewandowski and his team of designers managed to create an extraordinary speaker family which opens the horns enjoyment for all of us.  These are horns which don’t need huge rooms.  They are specifically designed and tuned to fit rooms in which most of the people are living in.  Plus, all of them: from the bookshelf sized FP 6 – possibly the smallest horn-loaded speaker on Earth to their statement Universum 3, all of them (we say it again!) have little competition at their price-points.  These are full-range speakers with a sound-stage dimensionality, dynamics and presence that others can only dream of.