Lukasz is The Lampizator and LampizatOr already has an enviable worldwide reputation gained by standing up for what he believes is the correct way to do Hi fi. His renowned and long running blog has gained a degree of notoriety in the world of audio, in no small part due to his often ruthless revelations about mainstream hi-fi products and their real value.

He has revealed reprehensible cost saving exercises by conventional manufacturers who, in their quests to increase profit margins, have killed the sonic properties of their products.

Lukasz has shared his findings with the world, but he has also run excellent tutorials for those with the courage to pick up their soldering irons and willing to expand their awareness and put into action his DIY audiophile improvements to run of the mill hi-fi products.

Lukasz is a legend amongst audiophiles and his innovative use of language to describe his procedures has become renowned to the point that a product that has undergone his treatment is said to have undergone “Lampization”.

Now Lukasz has matured, he has grown and he is now conceiving, designing and building hifi products that are not only highly competitive in the audiophile marketplace, but also have a little of the essence of the inspiration that is Lampizator and of course his hallmark sonic signature.Please have a look bellow to learn more about latest and current Generation 6 products range. We are proud to be with Lampizator from their beginnings and here is the latest range of digital products in company offering.

New website of Lampizator is now available at:



NEW FLAGSHIP: LampizatOr Horizon

just when we thought, that our current flagship DAC, the Pacific would be the end of the road for us, we decided to change the tactics concerning the improvements. Instead of making small incremental improvements of the Pacific, we decided to freeze it and instead – start a new project… more


3rd revision of the ATLANTIC… vision

Atlantic DAC was made 5 years ago, to the memory of Lukasz Fikus’ sailing trip across the Atlantic ocean. It was meant to put in one attractive package as many features of the most desirable audiophile wish list – as possible. From early 2019 we redesigned the Atlantic, mainly to enable the last missing feature from that wish list – ability to roll (change) tubes. The use of octal base pinout, compatible with power tetrodes and pentodes, plus only one and common 6,3 V heater voltage, enabled us to offer tens of different tube types to be used alternatively. Hence the new name – TRP = Tube Rollers Paradise. Just one internet tube store offers 120 tube models compatible with Atlantic-3 TRP DAC. Add to it the multiplication of NOS brands etc. We tested TRP with circa 20 tube types, and frankly we haven’t found one that plays bad… more


3rd revision of the BALTIC best – seller!

You get tons of very cool features here, at a price that is almost too good to be true: phenomenal digital engine, triode output stage, DC coupling of all stages, double thickness front panel, new engraved rear end, tube based, choke filtered power supply with directly heated dual diode – 5C3S or 5U4G or 274B or GZ37 or 5W4R. Add Copper Caps, balanced circuit – all in one neat package… more


4th edition of the Entry Level AMBER… with even more Pacific technology on board…

Following our huge efforts to create the Baltic-3 and the Horizon DAC we gained enough knowhow and confidence to redesign the Amber DAC from ground up, and offer an entirely new product. Circa around November 25th 2021 we start testing Amber-4, while technical necessities caused us to phase out Amber-3 entirely in February 2022… more