Lukasz is The Lampizator and LampizatOr already has an enviable worldwide reputation gained by standing up for what he believes is the correct way to do Hi fi. His renowned and long running blog has gained a degree of notoriety in the world of audio, in no small part due to his often ruthless revelations about mainstream hi-fi products and their real value.

He has revealed reprehensible cost saving exercises by conventional manufacturers who, in their quests to increase profit margins, have killed the sonic properties of their products.

Lukasz has shared his findings with the world, but he has also run excellent tutorials for those with the courage to pick up their soldering irons and willing to expand their awareness and put into action his DIY audiophile improvements to run of the mill hi-fi products.

Lukasz is a legend amongst audiophiles and his innovative use of language to describe his procedures has become renowned to the point that a product that has undergone his treatment is said to have undergone “Lampization”.

Now Lukasz has matured, he has grown and he is now conceiving, designing and building hifi products that are not only highly competitive in the audiophile marketplace, but also have a little of the essence of the inspiration that is Lampizator and of course his hallmark sonic signature.Please have a look bellow to learn more about latest and current Generation 6 products range. We are proud to be with Lampizator from their beginnings and here is the latest range of digital products in company offering.

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FLAGSHIP: LampizatOr Pacific

Pacific is on top of our lineup, as so called flagship. The invisible DAC. It has no sonic signature. It does not get in the way, between you and the music. In the room it can not be seen, what we see is merely a reflection in the polished 24ct gold. The reflection of our room. Our world. The light around us. The gold finish is not a glittering gimmick – it is the most durable protection money can buy, beats any lacquer or paint. The Pacific DAC will work for decades, and those who inherit it, will still admire the golden look.

Our Lampizator R&D laboratory spent 10 years refining one product – with an obsession of good sound in mind – the DAC. We have arrived at this design as the culmination of that research efforts. In average we prototyped one new DAC per week. Listening to it  proves, that it was well worth it. If it could only look as good as it sounds!

Pacific has all the elements that constitute an ultra audiophile product: zero feedback design, latest and best digital conversion technology, gold plated PCB, tube power supply, active tube anode loading, Directly Heated Triodes in single ended scheme, copper capacitors, and many other features designed with one thing in mind – pure music.

Entry Level DACs

LampizatOr AMBER 3 DAC

The newest DAC from Lampizator – breaking the price barrier.

Amber 3 started shipping in August 2019 as a successor to Amber 2. We put a one year effort to squeeze as much of a good sound from Amber 2 as possible. It took a total redesign of the digital section, which in new form is derived directly from the Pacific program. It is by all means not as sophisticated and costly to make, but it retains surprisingly a lot of the Pacific good qualities – pure, natural, effortless, spacious and super dynamic presentation worthy of at least twice as expensive product.

We also redesigned power supply, and chose completely new tube compliment – consisting of a ECC99 super tube as input amplifier, in a zero feedback, single ended triode mode, as well as ECC82 as low impedance output buffer. This DAC, thanks to having output buffer – can drive particularly well the transistor amps.

We are very proud of this DAC, and the fact that at an entry level price we can outperform any competitor known to us. This DAC gives joy and bliss in spades.

Some other highlights are: copper output caps, CLC power filter with tube rectifier 6X5, true balanced option, volume control option, full analog preamp of very high quality, USB operation of the highest caliber, newly designed muting to avoid pops and clicks in computer operation, and many many more.

Middle Level DACs

LampizatOr Baltic 1 DAC

Baltic-1 DAC is in fact a mix of two dacs – first being Amber 3 DAC on steroids, and second – it’s mother – is so called Level 4 – our most sold dac ever from a couple of years ago. We put everything that we could from that legendary design into Baltic.

You get tons of very cool features here, at a price that is almost too good to be true: Big Lampi chassis, double thickness front panel, new engraved rear end, tube based, choke filtered power supply with directly heated dual diode – 5C3S or 5U4G or 274B or GZ37 or 5W4R. The tube section is a very refined SRPP with the legendary 6N6P tube. Our favorite noval tube of all times. We used it for first 5 years of the company, then flirted with many others, only to return to the almighty 6N6P in this unique project. The digital section is shared with GG2 – the 53 Engine with 512 DSD and 760 kHz PCM.

LampizatOr Baltic 3 DAC

Balanced Tube DAC (Premiere October 2020)

In our endless efforts to research and design DACs, we arrived at this breakthrough design. Combining everything we know about DAC designing, at an unbeatable value. Our goal was to get as close as we can to the Golden Gate sound, but at roughly 1/3 budget.

The resulting DAC positions itself with technology and sound between the Amber3 and the Golden Gate 2. This DAC is a big leap in sound quality over the Baltic 1.

We are very proud of this DAC, being worthy of our 10th anniversary in this industry and showing the best LampizatOr qualities at a slightly more affordable price point.


Every unit is SE and Balanced at the same time, no need to configure the unit as balanced.
True balanced topology with four monophonic channels – one per each phase of stereo sound.
Engine #53 our best selling engine also with DSD512 on board
True Copper output capacitors
No volume control even as an option
4 digital inputs: USB, SPDIF, TOSLINK and AES/EBU in every DAC
New tube topology that redefines what is possible with tubes in the DAC
Fully tubed, directly heated dual diode rectified, CLC filtered anode power supply.

PCM 384 kHz, DSD x512, fully balanced from input to output
Output impedance 200 ohm per phase
Output level: 2 Vpp (low gain) or 6 Vpp (hi gain) @0dB
Operating systems: USB input is compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC (the only limitation is that MAC plays max DSDx256)
Tube Compliment: 2 pieces of 5963 JAN (or ECC802), 2 pieces of 6N8PA, (or CV181-T or 6H8C or 6SN7GT) one rectifier DHD : 5U4G or 274B or 5C3S or 5Y3 or GZ37 or 5R4WGB.
Select colors: Front panel: charcoal, silver, champagne, white, red.
Top chassis: charcoal, silver, white, red, at extra cost: real copper.
Front button: Blue, Orange/Amber, White, Red, Green
Extra cost: custom fit flight case, Copper top, premium tubes.
Warranty 5 years.

Level 7 DACs Family

LampizatOr LITE 7 DAC

Lite 7 DSD DAC , starting at 4.900 Eu +VAT and shipping.

What is standard: USB input, DSD engine 64x and 128x. Rca S/PDIF input, Jupiter premium capacitors. 2a3, 300B, 45, 6A3, 245, 345 and 101D triode compatibility with a selector switch. It comes with 101D tubes as standard. Lite 7 has no chokes. Lite 7 has AM Jupiter caps, Lite 7 has 64x and 128x DSD engine.Lite 7 and Big 7 have 101D Psvane tubes. Each DAC can have one more digital input of choice.Each DAC is fully upgradable to B7 and GG specification.

Please check all options available on manufacturer’s Lite 7 DSD Dac website.

LampizatOr Big 7 DAC

BIG 7 DSD DAC  price is starting at 7500 Eu +VAT and shipping.

What is standard: USB input, DSD engine 64x and 128x. Rca S/PDIF input, Jupiter premium capacitors. 2a3, 300B, 45, 6A3, 245, 345 and 101D triode compatibility with a selector switch. It comes with 101D tubes as standard. Big 7 has two standard chokes. Big 7 has Copper/Wax jupiter caps. Big 7 have 64x and 128x DSD engines. Big 7 have 101D Psvane tubes. Each DAC can have one more digital input of choice.Each DAC is fully upgradable to GG specification.

Please check all options available on manufacturer’s Big 7 DSD Dac website.

LampizatOr Golden Gate

Golden Gate Premium DSD DAC price is starting at 13000 EU +VAT and shipping.

What is standard: USB input, DSD engine 256x. Rca S/PDIF input, Jupiter Copper Wax plus Siver Duelund bypass. 2a3, 300B, 45, 6A3, 245, 345 and 101D triode compatibility with a selector switch. GG has 2 premium chokes. GG has 101D Western Electric Replica or 45 EML MESH triodes / 45 KR Audio SS as standard. Each DAC can have one more digital input of choice.

Please check all options available on manufacturer’s Golden Gate website.

LampizatOr Preamp

Lampizator Preamp is basically Level 5 or Level 7 circuit , but without digital section. It looks like those  DACs respectively and can be custom build up to requested specification. Please check available options and prices on manufacturer’s LampizatOr preamp website.

LampizatOr SILK AC filter

SILK filter lets the music be with full energy and dynamics but sounding more analog like, more clear, with better definition and tonal accuracy. The end result is so nice – that no one ever returned the SILK on loan. The filter sports full size box, so it can be nicely stacked with other gear. It is not a power strip wallowing in dust behind the rack. It is proudly participating with full membership rights as a vital rack element. Apart from filtering – the SILK nicely arranges our AC cables behind the rack. And now with the front switches added the phase can be corrected on the go with out any discomfort of re-switching your interconnects or speaker cables and messing behind the rack.

Please check all options available on manufacturer’s SILK AC filter website.

LampizatOr useful downloads.

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LampizatOr current 2017 price – list.

Please note that all prices are shown in Euro and all are net prices before adding VAT and without shipping, which is usually 200 Euro for products insured up to 5000 Eu.