• Aidas Svazas is the author and the producer of Aidas cartridges based in Lithuania, Kaunas city. Aidas’ experience in repairing and producing cartridges extends back to the late 90’s.
  • We are truly proud of being chosen by Audio-Technica to become one of their Excellence dealers. This is an honour which has only previously been given to 15 retailers worldwide, and G point audio is one of only 3 Excellence retailers in the UK authorised by Audio-Technica to both demonstrate and sell the most advanced cartridge in the world today – The ART-1000!
  • Audiodinamica is an "innovative startup" and it is obsessed to pay attention to small details. It is not only concentrated to reproduce the best sound possible, but also to provide you an outstanding harmony for your "interior home design".
  • The company has its beginnings in 2007 and its founder is Janusz Sikora, formerly one of the pillars of Burdjak & Sikora company producing supreme vaccum-tube amplifiers. Our turntables are produced individually, they are addressed to advanced music lovers and audiophiles who, like us, seek for the uncompromised and best possible sound source.
  • As Vinyl is doing pretty well and some people even say that “ …Is killing mp3 industry “ we had being long looking to expand our TT offer. But we didn’t want to just add another brand. The point was to some some artisan creation. Innovative and refreshing, not the same old OEM wooden blocks build. Finally hard work and patience had been rewarded and we became UK distributor for fantastic Pre – Audio Turntables from Poland.