• Albedo, simply put, is one of those manufacturers that one can recommend at the drop of a hat. They have been manufacturing their own cables and receiving tremendous reviews for over sixteen years. In short they offer superb value, fabulous pride of ownership and brilliant value for money.
  • KBL Sound is the sum of years of experience with sound equipment and music, both, in studio and at concert or at home. Behind that experience was always hidden passion: the desire to see how close reproduction of recorded media can get to the sound of original event. The result of this search are units, cables and accessories we developed.
  • Knut P Skogrand of Skogrand Cables applies a unique approach to the world of cable making. It should actually be said that cable craft such as this is more like making Japanese Katana swords with the old skills but new technology applied creating something beyond what we currently label as a “quality” by current high-end standards.
  • StavEssence is not your usual audio cable company. The only cables you will be able to find here are network and USB cables. This is a company that focuses on modern digital technologies for streaming and networking, developing cables that originate in the IT industry. The brains behind the brand and company owner, Mr. Karol Staworko is not your usual designer either.
  • Verictum is a brand founded by cooperating companies LCM and the company’s Commercial Technology Group Sp. z o.o. CTG provides Verictum technological base, while the LCM deals with the implementation of its products are intended for audio, organization of production, marketing and sales.