Tables, platforms & acoustic treatment

  • Acoustic Manufacture is a company specializing in the production of acoustical elements, born from the audiophile passion of the founders. From listening rooms and home theater systems by recording studios and rehearsal rooms, to conference rooms and auditoriums… wherever applied our acoustical elements, effectively improving the acoustic environment. Standard offer including affordable priced, proven designs. Of course, it gradually augmented by developing new designs.
  • Graphite Audio is a Polish brand that was founded to support all those music lovers and audiophiles, who strive for the most natural, credible and involving sound of their precious audio components. We have learned that that every sound system must be treated holistically as even the tiniest details play a critical role in sound reproduction and the final satisfaction of the listener.
  • Rogoz Audio manufactures made-to-order audio furniture: audio stands, speaker stands, and anti-vibration platforms, as well as acoustic systems and cables. Our offer is aimed primarily at audiophiles, music lovers, and music business professionals, as well as all those who appreciate high quality of sound and design.